Glow for It

We love a full-on drag queeny makeup job as much as the next beauty junkie--but sometimes nothing's sexier than the barest hint of makeup and luminous, lit-from-within skin. Here, the A-listers going for the glow and the chic new highlighter compacts taking them there.
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 07, 2009

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Whether you use Lancome’s limited edition Sparkling Cherub Sheer Warm Illuminating Powder ($40) as an allover highlighter or eyeshadow, the beyond-chic compact will infuse winter-worn skin with an angelic sheen.

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The gold, bronze, and silver tones woven throughout Chanel Shimmer Tweed Highlighter create a sexy glow on cheekbones, shoulders, and decolletage. Plus, how hot will you look whipping out this stunner for a mid-holiday-party touch-up?

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Clarins Gold Attraction Face Palette ($57) is a tad pricey, but it does wonders for blah skin. Apply a bit of this sheer, gilded powder on your browbone, cheekbones and bridge of nose for an instant radiance boost.

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With a complexion this dewy and luminous, Rihanna only needs mascara and a sheer sweep of toasty-rose gloss and blush.

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Though Keri Hilson is working a fierce smokey eye here, she paired down the rest of her makeup to highlight her gleamy skin.

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Beyonce makes the most of her sun-kissed, summer tan with white eyeliner, bronzy blush and pale lips.

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Her hair is major and that statement necklace is serious, but Paula Patton’s makeup is tastefully understated—the better to showcase the actress’ effortlessly youthful complexion!

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British belter Leona Lewis gives great face here, with glowy, highlighted skin and a perfect plum pout.

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With her baby-pink cheeks and doe eyed charm, Kerry Washington always looks fantastic—and glowing, twinkly-fresh skin doesn’t hurt.

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Ciara accentuates her fresh, radiant complexion with the teensiest bit of makeup—pastel pink lips, rosy cheeks and jet-black mascara.

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Bronze-toned makeup brilliantly highlights Joy Bryant’s smooth, glowing skin.