Give Back Like Your Favorite Celebs

How to Give Back Like Your Favorite Celebs
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 15, 2009

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This summer, lend a charitable hand and give back to your community like today’s biggest celebs.

What Beyoncé is doing: The singer has partnered with Hamburger Helper and is asking fans to donate to families in need during her “I AM…” tour. The singer has set up tents outside her tour stops where fans can drop off nonperishable foods.

What you can do: Take a weekend to volunteer at a shelter to serve a homeless person or family dinner.

By Shavon S. Greene

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What Usher is doing: The Grammy winner flew in kids from all over the country to Atlanta to attend his New Look Camp, which focuses on service leadership and social entrepreneurship.

What you can do: Be a mentor to child or teen by talking to them about adolescent issues or helping them fill out college applications.

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What Ne-Yo is doing: In 2007, the “Closer” singer founded Compound Foundation to help support programs for children in America’s welfare system.

What you can do: Lend a ear, shoulder or hand to help uplift a child in need.

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What Rihanna is doing: In 2007, the stylish pop star became an ambassador for Cartier Love Charity, in which proceeds go to global charities. She has also started her own foundation named BELIEVE, in which she helped a mother find a bone marrow donor for her daughter.

What you can do:You may not be able to donate your bone marrow, but you can donate blood or put yourself on an organ donor list to give African-Americans a better chance at finding a match.

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What Diddy is doing: During President Obama’s campaign run and former President Bush’s re-election, the hip-hop mogul was very vocal in encouraging young voters to “Vote or Die.”

What you can do: With some state and local elections coming up this fall, your community leaders need your help in getting out the vote.

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What Jay-Z is doing: In 2003 Jigga started Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, which helps inner city youth reach higher educational goals.

What you can do: Pick a free afternoon and help tutor a child that needs. It can make a world of a difference.

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What Alicia Keys is doing: The star cofounded Keep A Child Alive in 2003 and has since raised millions for AIDS patients in Africa and India.

What you can do: Send donations to Keys’s organization or others such as UNICEF. You can also start a chapter in your hometown or at your school.

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What Tyra is doing: In 2007, Ms. Banks auctioned off things in her closet to raise money for her T-Zone charity, a foundation for empowering young women.

What you can do: Donate a pair of jeans you never wear or that top you haven’t worn in ages.

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What John Legend is doing: This past summer, the not-so-ordinary singer announced that his tour would be eco-friendly.

What you can do: Start with such easy tasks as recycling or adopting a highway to help keep your city clean.

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What Ashanti is doing:The singer has taken time to perform for troops in Iraq.

What you can do: Purchase inexpensive necessities and snacks to make a care packages for troops overseas.


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