Girlfriends Pay Tribute to Whitney Houston, Celebrate Their Inner 'Sparkle'

New Jersey friends make time for inspiration and togetherness in Whitney Houston's honor.

Charli Penn Aug, 27, 2012

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In honor of the release of Whitney Houston’s final film,Sparkle, Sherry White gathered some close girlfriends and asked that they do just one thing: celebrate their inner sparkle.Pictured (from left): Lauren McCoy, Velvet A. Ross, Erin J. Warner, Jennifer Akabue, Yemi O., Sherry C. White, Morgan Thompson, and Danielle Baynes-Boateng)

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After viewing an afternoon screening of the newSparklemovie just around the corner from the town where Whitney Houston grew up, White and seven close friends gathered back at her place to watch the original film.

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“We respected that it was an interpretation and not an exact replica of the classic,” says White. “We felt some classic lines were dearly missed, but we loved the spiritual undertones of the new film and how important issues were deeply highlighted.”

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White believes it’s important to bringallyour sister-friends together when you can, even if they run in different social circles. “I enjoyed that unfamiliar friends, of all walks of life, took the initiative to genuinely connect with each other,” she says.

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White and friends bless the meal.

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White and many of her girlfriends believe healthy food will help to achieve “supreme living.” She provided a balanced meal of mixed greens salad with corn, dried cranberries and and baked chicken for dinner.

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Fellowship and food were on the menu for dinner that evening. “The experience was very womanly, compassionate and inspiring,” says White, who formulated questions in advance to get the ladies to begin a discussion on making their dreams happen.

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White’s guests received inspired gift bags (that sparkled, of course!) filled with a few tools to help them celebrate their next big moments in life: A jeweled frame to hold a photo of the them in the moment they next achieve a dream, inspirational scrapbook quote stickers, a journal and more.

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The ladies wore their weekend chic style proving they could sparkle both inside and out for the occasion.

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When it came time to assess their individual dreams, the group really dug deep, assessing how their individual backgrounds, culture and families influence their dreams. White tells us that there was really an overlying theme of “God-directed” dreams and how they can allow them each to “sparkle” in their own way.

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Mixed fruit, cupcakes and cocktails were served as well.

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“I think the event stimulated the ladies to move forward with inspired thoughts from their pasts,” says White. “A number of us were excited to learn about the intimate experiences of other cultures and how it influences us individually.”

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“There was such compassion, truth and spiritual undertone in our discussion,” says White. “I love when people from all walks of life gather and grow. They had to force themselves to leave our home.” To keep up with White and friends’ monthly sisterhood outings visit North Star Group for Women.


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