Girlfriends: Friendship Rules (About Guys) Never to Break

Nothing's more disappointing than a woman who breaks the code of friendship whenever she thinks she's in love. Here's how to not be that girl.
Charli Penn Apr, 26, 2013

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If she ever loved him, you shouldn’t even consider him romantically.

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If a good friend is in a serious relationship and having trouble choosing between you or him, don’t make it hard on her. Give them the space they need to build a healthy, happy relationship.

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You know how the motto goes: If you see something, say something. Keeping a secret about the guy your friend is dating will only end badly. Fess up and clear your conscience.

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Whether he’s the one you would have chose for her or not, you’re still going to have to play nice. Give him a chance and try not to hold things against her guy before you’ve had a chance to really get to know him.

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If you’re around a friend’s man you should never be dressed as if you’re trying to land one of your own. if you’re showing more leg or cleavage than she is, that’s a problem!

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If you have something to say to a friend’s husband or boyfriend, you should bring it to her first. You may have a bone to pick with him, but she deserves the courtesy of a heads up.

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If she’s happy, you should be happy for her — case closed. It’s not your life, it’s her’s, so don’t get too emotionally invested in a friend’s situation. If you force her to choose between him or you, you may not like her decision. Avoid backing her into a corner with this one.

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If a friend is dealing with a tough time with her man, she will inevitably want to call you and vent. It’s okay to provide a shoulder to lean on, but don’t jump on the bad-mouthing bandwagon if you don’t mean what you say. She’ll remember the things you said long after she’s forgotten those he said.

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You should never, ever, under any circumstances, bad mouth your friend to her man. Even if you’re really upset with her in that moment, he’s not the person you should be venting with. Go to her!

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Your friend may wind up telling you more intimate details about her relationship or her man than he would like — it happens. The worst thing you can do is accidentally bring up something around him that you had no business knowing in the first place.

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