Girlfriends: 10 Great Reasons to Get Together

Girlfriends: 10 Great Reasons to Get Together
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 01, 2011

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Did you know there are a Girlfriend Appreciation Day (April 12th), Best Friend Day (June 8th) and a Relaxation Day (August 15th) on your calendar each year? They’re all holidays perfect for the coming together of great friends. Embrace them and plan some fun.

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Losing weight isn’t easy. Dropping a dress size is a huge triumph and always something worthy of a celebration. Get the girls together to toast to calorie-counting success. Just try to avoid planning a big dinner – you wouldn’t want to be counterproductive now would you?

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Whether it’s a new position, a raise, or just a job well done on a major presentation, there’s always time to help a girlfriend celebrate career success. Promotion party anyone?

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Being in a bad relationship can really leave a woman in a funk. When she breaks through the fog and finds the light at the end of her tunnel vision, spirit lifting is most certainly in order.

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You may not always be able to celebrate your birthdays together, but you should be sure not to let those cherished milestone years go unannounced. You know the ones; 21, 30, 40, 50, and beyond. Who better to reminisce with about the best moments of the year than the ones who made those memories with you?

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You or a friend found your dream guy and he finally professed his love. If that’s not a reason to pull out the partly planner we don’t know what is. Throw a themed engagement shindig to be remembered. It’s the perfect occasion to go all out for and a chance to be a part of their cherished love story.