Girl Power! Top Empowering Beauty Campaigns

With the onset of beauty brands uplifting and encouraging women to be beautiful and love themselves, we take a look at our favorites.

Deena Campbell Oct, 01, 2015

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Pantene’s 2014 #ShineStrong campaign shows the harsh effects our words can have on the way we view other women, and more importantly, ourselves. "We used market research to look at what gender norms were holding women back and tried to tap into the most relevant and insightful areas,” stated Kevin Crociata, marketing director of Procter & Gamble in Adweek.

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From a young age, we've all had moments when wanted to change just one (or more than one) thing about ourselves to fit the ideal image of how we "should" appear. Six out of 10 girls stop doing what they love because they feel bad about their looks, according to Dove Girl's Self Esteem Statistics. By showcasing a diverse group of beautiful girls who happen to want what the other has, Dove's 'Change One Thing' campaign tackles common underlying insecurities and helps girls to build their self-esteem. 

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Did you know only four out of 10 girls think their curly hair is beautiful? In January Dove empowered young girls to wear their naturally curly hair. Check out the campaign here.

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Janelle Monáe, Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perryand Pink partnered with CoverGirl to prove that, #GirlsCan do anything they put their minds to. Watch the campaign here.

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Puberty can take a toll on you when you’re a growing girl, so we’re thankful Always debunked negative stereotypes to uplift teens throughout puberty and beyond. Watch it here.

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In 2005, Dove set out to debunk the stereotypes that only thin is beautiful.


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