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ESSENCE.COM Jul, 29, 2011

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“It goes without saying this chocolate beauty is at the top of her game! From flawless skin to a fashionable wardrobe, she’s my motivation for bringing my best.” —Zandile Blay, Fashion Editor

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“No one rocks a statement eye like this Eva Diva! Whether it’s a electric amethyst or real-deal teal, she always looks like the coolest girl in the room.” —Tia Williams, Beauty Editor

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“I’ve had a girl crush on Gabby for quite some time now. Her style never feels overdone, and I’m obsessed with her gorgeous smile and beautiful skin. Add to that her vivacious personality, talent, and brains and tell me what’s not to love about Ms. Union?” — Charli Penn, Relationships Editor

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“Ms. Ross’s daughter is another style icon. She rarely employs a stylist yet always manages to look so fly. Love everything about her!” —Yolanda Sangweni, Entertainment Editor.

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“Flawless hair, flawless skin, legs for days — and she’s a trained ballerina! Clearly she’s been taking ‘perfect’ pills.” —Tia Williams, Beauty Editor

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“I only dream of looking as good in my clothes as Rihanna does in hers! She always looks hot, feminine, and fun. When she steps into a room she commands attention and makes a statement all her own. Now that’s what I call confidence.” — Charli Penn, Relationships Editor

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“With a wardrobe to rival her smile, Selita is grace personified. I love everything about her, from her sick model walk to her sexy shoe collection!” —Zandile Blay, Fashion Editor

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“My style icon, Fatima embodies the kind of personal style and confidence I’d like to someday achieve. She was one of the first women to school me about MAC Ruby Woo matte lipstick. I haven’t looked back.” —Yolanda Sangweni, Entertainment Editor.

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“Laila is a knock out! She proves that being a tough chick doesn’t take away from your femininity — her sex appeal packs an extra punch.” —Charlise Ferguson, Audience Development Manager

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“Tika is a real-life Black Barbie. She’s completely flawless, and to top it off, she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.” — Demetria Lucas, Relationships Editor

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“Not only is Janelle absolutely gorgeous, she’s also got iconic personal style and makes music with real substance. And her voice? Off the chain.” —Yolanda Sangweni, Entertainment Editor.

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“LaLa’s fashion game? Nutso! From head-to-toe she stays on point. Every time I see a pic of her, I want to gaffle- Brooklyn style- her whole outfit- shoes and accessories, included.” — Demetria Lucas, Relationships Editor

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“Sophie is a natural beauty with an amazing head of hair. I actually chopped off my relaxed pixie to rock my natural hair like hers. Now that’s obsession, er, love.” — Charlise Ferguson, Audience Development

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“People love to hate on Bey and I don’t see why! I love her music, her style, and her success story. She makes me want to step my game up and run the world.” —Nicole Marie Melton, intern

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“From her fashion to her hair, this British-Zimbabwean It Girl dares to “go there” each time she steps out of the house. And I love that she’s repping Afropolitan style." —Yolanda Sangweni, Entertainment Editor.

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“Anyone who can teach herself how to play the violin at age FIVE gets major props from me. And I’m so jealous of this woman’s hair, it’s ridiculous! I dream of the day my natural hair gets that big and amazing.” —Nicole Marie Melton, intern

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“Raven Symone is as cute as can be- now and before the weight loss. But it’s her hustle that caught my attention. She’s literally ‘young money!’ Who does that? Raven! That’s who. And she’s hilarious.” — Demetria Lucas, Relationships Editor

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“‘I want a girl with extensions in her hair — bamboo earrings — at least two pair.’ Who doesn’t love an around the way girl?” — Charlise Ferguson, Audience Development Manager

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“Just call her my guilty pleasure! This spanx-clad Rose is almost so wrong, she’s right!” —Zandile Blay, Fashion Editor

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“I love seeing a woman in love. Monica has been glowing for the last few months. Her happiness makes me all tingly inside.” — Demetria Lucas, Relationships Editor

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“Jada Pinkett Smith has it all — a great career, a handsome husband, talented children, and on top of all that her body is banging! What more could a woman ask for?” —Nicole Marie Melton, Intern

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“Erica and Tina are like ‘play cousins’ in my head. They are beautiful on the inside and out. I fell in love with them when we met at a gospel concert and have been hooked ever since. They make my heart smile!” —Nicole Marie Melton, intern


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