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The fashionista hosts a private shopping event at the Stella McCartney boutique to benefit the Delete Blood Cancer organization.

Kimberly Chandler Jul, 29, 2014

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I was introduced to my dear Katharina Harf, Co-Founder and Board of Director of Delete Blood Cancer DKMS, by a mutual friend while at a lunch meeting. An education and more than a few tears later, I was committed in helping Katharina and Delete Blood Cancer in any way.  What began as Katharina and her families fight to save the life of her mother all the way in Germany, turned into a global mission that I am more than privileged to be a part of.

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Tyson and I are all smiles with Katharina after being named the First Official Delete Blood Cancer Ambassadors.  It's moments like these and seeing miracles happen that make every moment more than fulfilling and worth it.

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Los Angeles Stella PR Emma Werner, and Lauren Preston, Manager of Stella McCartney in Los Angeles left no detail untouched. With fresh flowers and lit candles we were able to create a sexy vibe with organic touches for our guests during the intimate Vegan dinner at sunset.  Everything about this evening included all things "Stella."

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The lovely plate settings.

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I take all of the opportunities I have to speak about or host an event for the non-profit organizations I work with personal but this particular event was even more personal as I have a relationship with the guest of honor, Dianne Abang. Dianne also known as Lady Dee to her clientele at Corrective Skin Care located in Beverly Hills is in need of a bone marrow transplant TODAY!  Here she is telling the story of her life and urging people to get swabbed.

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Lack of knowledge and understanding is what deters people from becoming potential donors. I loved speaking about Delete Blood Cancer with these lovely ladies.  They were shocked with how easy the process of donating actually is.  When asked what the process is like, I usually respond's like taking a paternity test. Yes-it may sound inappropriate but it gets the job done.

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It certainly was a stunning evening full of tears, smiles and most importantly a sense of hope.

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Loved seeing my honey Tyson get schooled on life by Robert K. Barth of the Black Equities Group, who is active in numerous charities. He dropped by Stella McCartney for a cocktail and to give a generous donation to Delete Blood Cancer.

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I realized early on that Tyson is amazing to shop with. He can reach EVERYTHING! It seems the eager shoppers picked up on that same idea while chatting.

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One of my favorite ladies, Moll Anderson, Interior Designer and Lifestyle Expert, couldn't keep her hands away from the delectable frocks on display.  She definitely walks the talk when it comes to supporting and giving back to causes she deems worthy!

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I am sincerely thankful for the support of ladies like Moll and Actress Brooke Burke-Charvet.  Their presence is so important when it comes to raising awareness.

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When planning this event for Delete Blood Cancer with Stella McCartney I believed it was essential to have Lady Dee present. It is one thing to hear about a disease but completely changes the game when you can touch the hands of a person who is living with the disease. Lady Dee was able to bring life to the cause she is fighting to survive.

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Fashion Designer Rachel Roy was so inspired by Lady Dee's story and the goal of Delete Blood Cancer that she later swabbed using the organizations at home swab test.

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There's always a reason to strike a pose!

Rachel Roy, Massy Tadjedin, Lisa Harris, Kimberly Chandler, Brandi Garnett, Dianne Abgang, Jeanette Jenkins and Morayo Monroe (Dianne's daughter)

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The support of strong woman is one thing that continues to motivate me. I try and surround myself with woman who inspire me and think beyond themselves. Tammy Brook of FYI Brand Communications, Hollywood Trainer and all around Superwoman Jeanette Jenkins and Mommy Mogul/Lifestyle Maven Latham Thomas of Mama Glow are a few of those ladies. They define what it is to celebrate and support other woman.

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Posing with the stunning Brandi Garnett.

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Great Creative Minds must think alike.  Music Video Producer Melina Matsoukas, Creative Fashion Consultant Browne Andrews (he just happens to be my amazing brother) and Wardrobe Stylist Marcus Paul all came to show support.

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I remember the moment one of Lady Dee's employees reached out to me in a desperate attempt to help her as she had just received devastating news from her doctor-there was nothing more they could do for her.  I was at an utter loss when I called Lady Dee and listened to her desperate please of helping to find her life saving solution.  My next thought and plan of action was to contact Katharina.  One of Lady Dee's main hopes of survival is to find her near impossible blood donor match. You see, only seven percent of registered donors are African American and many of those donors that do register tend to drop out of the process before donating. This makes it much harder to find a match and eventually get a transplant. With this staggering statistic the odds of finding a match continue to stack against Lady Dee being that she is of Nigerian descent.

Katharina and I urge you to get involved and register online at  Registering is easy and only requires filling out a registration form and swabbing the inside of your mouth. Who knows, maybe you can be that match that saves Dianne's life!


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