Gift Guide: The Perfect Gift for Your Guy

Gift Guide: The Perfect Gift for Your Guy
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 18, 2010

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If your guy is a sports fan like Denzel Washington, he never misses his favorite team. If he can’t go watch in person, he’ll meet his buddies at the bar to enjoy the game.

Denzel Washington is a major Lakers fan. Chris Rock, Usher, Lenny Kravitz and Diddy are also super supporters.

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Nothing is sexier to a sports fan than when a woman invites him to a game. Splurge on play-off tickets for your guy’s favorite team. We promise his friends will be jealous. Don’t be surprised if they ask if you have a single sister.

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Sporty guys love the arcade style behind NBA Jam for the Wii, $47.99 at It’s the slicker version of the old school coin operated two-on-two game and all of the updated versions.

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One look at Will Smith and you know he takes his workout seriously. If your guy is anything like Will, focus on fitness-friendly presents.

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It may look like a ridiculously oversized cowbell, but this kettlebell, $87.67 at, is actually seven weights in one. Buy this if you want your guy to workout at home without creating any clutter.

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This sleek watch is the ultimate find for your sporty guy. Sure this watch tells time, but it also features a barometer to track sudden weather changes, an altimeter to track climbs, a thermometer, and an H2O alarm that signals to your guy when he needs to drink water. It also acts as an alarm, calendar, stopwatch, and a 5-segment countdown timer. Not bad for $245. Buy it at

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Chef G. Garvin is a throwdown chef. If your guy likes to cook for you, you should thank him with the latest gadgets.

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Your guy can toss all his kitchen gadgets once he gets his hands on this 7-in-1 Grill, $169.99 at This contraption can steam, deep-fry, smoke, boil and grill. Plus he can choose between propane-powered or charcoal. We think it’s pretty amazing, too.

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If your guy loves to throw a BBQ, this personalized steak branding iron, $52.50 at, will get everyone talking.

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Just how cute are these two. Usher and his son Usher Raymond V show off their swagger on a walk in LA. If your guy has a mini me, focus on family-friendly gifts.

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Forget the controllers, Microsoft Kinect, $299 at, is all about working up a sweat. The latest game device forces you to move — but it’s so much fun. Control movies with your hands, work on dance routines or climb a mountain. This is the kind of gift both daddy and child will enjoy.

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This tiny little gadget keeps getting better. The Flip UltraHD video camera, $165.95 at, has enough storage to hold an hour of video. Dads can keep it in their pocket for just the right family moments. All he has to do is plug it into his computer and download.

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Kanye West’s tailored threads are always in style. If your guy is anything like Kanye, he cares about his clothes. He sets the trends that all his friends follow.

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If both you and your man live for fashion, he’ll love you for this Rag & Bone messenger, $225 at The chic mix of wool and leather makes this the perfect everyday bag.

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The AllSaints Brandon Hi Top, $130 at, is the perfect mix of casual and cool. He’ll love you for keeping him comfortable in style.

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If your guy is anything like, he cares about the planet. showed his greener side in this year’s “Take Our Planet Back” video. The singer debuted the song at Al Gore’s green inaugural ball.

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Keep your green guy’s gadgets in style. The iPhone case and earbuds, $45 at, is made of sleek and renewable natural bamboo.

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This super stylish laptop case, $30 at, is recycled from excess wetsuit material. The cushy nylon neoprene will protect his laptop from any accidents.

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If your guy is anything like Hill Harper, he’s smart and sexy. This Harvard Law School grad is the author of three books.

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Even if your guy is obsessed with filling his bookshelf, he’ll love the ease of a Kindle, $139 at He’ll subscribe to all of his favorite newspapers and read on-the-go. The convenience makes this the perfect gift.

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If your willing to splurge, make your way to an Apple store for the latest version of the MacBook Air, $1,000 at The nearly stocking stuffer-size laptop is lightweight and incredibly fast. He’ll appreciate the extended battery life. Plus, there’s no start-up delay. It boots right up.

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Boris Kodjoe clearly knows the importance of grooming products. The model turned actor always looks hot. If your guy prides himself on his appearance, don’t be afraid to update his bathroom essentials.

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No man likes to spend money on a shaver. But if your guy cares about his looks he’ll love this shave kit from the Art of Shaving, $100 at The kit comes with pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm and a shaving brush. It’s even pretty enough to set next to your products on the bathroom counter.

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Clinique’s face soap for men, $25 at, is the first step in the 3-Step Skin Care System for men. It’s specially made for guys who care about their about skin. The luxury soap even comes with a convenient soap dish.


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