Getting Married? Try These Braids For The Big Day

Nothing impresses like an intricate braid. That’s why celebrity hairstylist and YouTube star Monae Everett crafted Stunning Braids, an easy-to-follow step-by-step book that gives instructions on how to achieve beautiful braided looks. Perfect for walking down the isle in, this book will help you master skills for any hair type. Straight from her book, Everett details braids that are great for every wedding day and beyond.

Deena Campbell Aug, 19, 2015

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This show stopping style is perfect for long tresses on your wedding day. Add add the braids and knots for a little extra flare to hair that has been flat ironed to sleek perfection. Tuck the ends of the braid inside of the back of the hair. This will be just enough added elegance if you choose to wear a simple veil.

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Curly haired brides who want a more traditional updo will love this look. Diffuse curls or create this look on a twist out. Make sure to moisturize with light natural oil. To make this style look polished, use a pomade to smooth the entire hairline and ensure that the sections are straight. This style would pair beautifully with a veil, birdcage veil, or tiara.

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This is for the bride who wants to look youthful and fresh. Blow dry hair strait using a mousse and serum, then use a rattail comb and clips to secure sections. After creating the mini ponytails, make sure to smooth the hairline. After fishtailing the remaining hair, pancake the braid (gently tug on the braid), to make it wider. This style goes perfectly with tiaras, fascinators, hair jewelry, and even flowers.

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This is for the boho bride that wants to show off her curls. Rock this look on your natural coils, a twist out, or even curly hair extensions. Make sure your hair is deeply conditioned and moisturized. When creating your braid sections, choose a section of hair just behind each ear and cornrow it toward your face. This will give the braids direction and you won't have to worry about them buckling.

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This is perfect for the fashionable bride. Moisturize your natural waves, coils, or a twist out. Smooth the hairline using a soft brush and pomade. To reduce the amount of hairpins and increase style security, cross long bobby pins at the base of each section.


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