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With the weather changing, now is the time to update your do with hot new style. This spring go for a cut that is sharp with edgy appeal or soft flirty curls. Whatever your hairstyle preference, we have a look you'll love in our spring hair guide.
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With the weather changing, now is the time to update your do with hot new style. This spring go for a cut that is sharp with edgy appeal or soft, flirty curls. Whatever your preference, we’ve got a look you’ll love in our spring hair guide.

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Long, wavy hair is a springtime staple. The soft locks of curls play up your feminine wile and add a bit of mystery to your look. We suggest roller-setting hair for maintaining a long-lasting and hassle-free style. Set wet hair with 1-3/4-inch Jumbo Magnetic Rollers ($2.50, Sally Beauty Supply). Once hair is dry, blow out the hair root with a wide-tooth comb and Jilbere de Paris Jilbere Heat Xtreme Professional Hair Dryer ($34.99, Sally Beauty Supply). Finish hair with Silky Sexy Hair Frizz Eliminator by Sexy Hair Concepts ($16.99,

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Experiment with soft shades of honey to highlight your complexion. We suggest consulting with your stylist before undergoing any chemical services. However, if you do decide to take the plunge, it is important to keep the hair’s vitality after the strain of coloring. We suggest René Furterer Paris Myrrhea Silkening Mask ($42, Sephora stores nationwide) to keep your hair moisture rich and healthy.

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Spring is always the perfect time to experiment with fun new hair colors. If you’re afraid of making a permanent change, we like Streekers temporary hair color which washes out when you want it out. The line comes in eight vibrant rainbow shades: pink, blue, ultra violet, red, green, yellow, orange and purple ($10.95,

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Drastic styles call for drastic measures. If you’re not looking to make a permanent change to your do, wing it with a flattering wig. “For a lot of women, wigs are a great way to test the waters before making permanent decisions to cut or color,” says Dafina Nya of Sunny’s Hair and Wigs. Check out to find a wig that fits your style and personality.

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With warmer weather approaching, you’ll want to take advantage of being outdoors, but make sure you shield your hair from the elements. For natural sisters, protect your hair against smoke, air pollutants and product buildup by using a clarifying shampoo like Design Essentials Organic Cleanse Deep Cleansing Shampoo, ($7.50,, with oatmeal to remove any impurities from your hair.

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Short and asymmetrical styles are easy to achieve these days. “The next wig trend is going with the short, geometric styles. These are not your grandmother’s wigs. These wigs have a lot less hair and a lot more precision styling. Some look like an expensive haircut,” explains Dafina of Sunny’s Hair and Wigs. She recommends flat-ironing your style at a temperature below 360 degrees and using lightweight products as not to weigh hair down and attract dust. We love Silk Elements Glossing Polish ($4.99, Sally Beauty Supply) for its movable finish.

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If you want defined spiral-like curls, this one’s for you. To minimize the frizz factor, set your freshly washed and conditioned wet hair with a wrap lotion like Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion, $10, After you release the rods, you can erase that “crunchy” effect by softening the hair with a lightweight pomade like Luster’s YOU Grow, $6.49, at beauty supply stores nationwide.

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A layered bob will give you great texture and bounce. Rock this confident style through the spring to add a sophisticated and playful attitude to the season’s wardrobe. Keep your short locks sweet with a dab of John Frieda Collection Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum ($10, drugstores nationwide). Be careful not to lose volume as a result of heavy products. If you do lose volume, blow-dry hair with a wide-tooth comb for an extra pump.

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Spiral curls are a great style for spring. The tight curls camouflage any frizz and is also great for women transitioning from relaxed to natural hair during this time of year. Stylist Eugene Smith of the Ted Gibson Salon in NYC suggests lathering transitional locks with natural oils rather than conditioning treatments that may clog the hair cuticle. Smith recommends Kera Care Essential Oils ($13.99-$25.99, beauty supply stores).

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Are you hitting the gym this spring to get your body fit for summer? We asked Rihanna’s go-to stylist Ursula Stephen how to maintain workout-ready hair. “I can only answer from my own experience. I kept my hair wrapped with a cotton scarf, with a headband around the sides and back. I use cotton because it helps absorb the sweat faster than a silk scarf will. It’s important to put some moisturizer in before wrapping the hair. After your workout, remove the scarf so the top will start to air-dry, but leave the headband on. Shower, get dressed, do your makeup—your usual routine. Last, remove the headband (hair should be fully dry by now), add product, and brush or comb out. The band leaves the strands smooth and sleek, similar to the effect of wrapping the hair.”

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Be inspired by hair divas like Rihanna and go for a haircut that’s packed with edgy appeal. Before you head to the salon and have a stylist go scissor-happy on your mane, schedule a consultation to determine what cut and style best suits your face’s shape and structural composition.

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Now is the time to start preparing your strands for spring and summer fun. Maintain healthy hair and style with the Design Essentials pHusion Hair Warp, $8, The satin finish of the wrap helps prevent shedding and breaking by retaining your hair’s moisture. You can wear it while exercising or before you go to bed.

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Adding some soft-looking highlights to your do is a great way to freshen up your look for spring. When highlighting your hair ask your colorist for color placements that are natural-looking, not heavy or chunky like the model pictured here.

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This braided beauty is ready for spring with this low-maintenance style. When wearing braids we recommend massaging your scalp on a regular basis to promote circulation and oil production.

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Complement spring’s pastels and flowers with a rough and tumble short cut. This multipurpose cut is practical for the changing weather and transitional styles of the season. To get this razor-sharp look, apply Philip B. Maui Wowie Beach Mist ($22,, create piecey tendrils and soft hold. Then flat-iron hair to separate strands. Finally, define the hair with Short Sexy Hair Control Maniac Wax ($13.99, for an extra sleek appearance.

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Sport long, sultry hair this season. Sleek layers are a versatile approach to styling as the hair can be bumped from day to night with some added curl. If you’re feeling this ultra-smooth style, NYC stylist and creator of Hair Rules, Dicky, suggests blow-drying hair and then flat-ironing the hair. We recommend using Andis Nano Cera Clamp Flat Iron ($34.99, Lock in moisture after heat styling by lightly spraying hair with Avon Advanced Techniques Mirror Shine Spray ($3.99,

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Love is in the air this spring, so sport a romantic side sweep of curls. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hairpieces and clip-ons that can help you enhance your own hair’s body and length.

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Achieve this smooth sleek style by using a flat iron on your hair in small sections. Apply more prolonged heat to the length of your stands and ends. Maintain your sleek and chic tresses with Design Essentials Reflections Liquid Shine ($14.50, that never weighs the hair down.

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Plush curls never go out of style. This is a look you can take to the office or an evening out with the girls. Plus, it’s an easy to style, to achieve, and to maintain. We recommend you roller set your hair to maintain curl memory. Before setting, add Design Essentials Compositions Foaming Wrap Lotion ( to wet hair. Proceed under a hooded dryer. To create body and flow to the hair, blow hair out with a medium bristle brush. Achieve long-lasting curls by pin-curling hair in small sections and wrapping with a satin cloth before sleeping.


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