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Celebs tell us what they love most about New York Fashion Week.

Celia L. Smith Aug, 31, 2012

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"I look forward to Fashion Week for it's energy and for catching up with my peers to view and review the collections to come! Every day truly feels like a masquerade ball for a fashionista!"

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"The best part of Fashion Week for me is when the lights dim down and the first look walks down the runway - it sets the mood for the line. I get so excited at that moment. Fashion Week is when I receive inspiration for the line that I am working on."

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"I love the clothes, lights, energy, models, attitude, loud music, drama, cameras, people and that I get to get dolled up too! And all of this in my home town of New York."

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"The spring shows are my favorite. The layering and textures really tell a story. I  guess I simply love clothes in the spring/summer! I really love the fashion that walks into the tents as well, this is where trends and fashion statements are made."

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“I get very excited to find out what the designers have in their collections for the upcoming seasons during New York Fashion Week! It’s an amazing feeling watching the shows and I start to pick out pieces that I hope to be rocking.”

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"I love the spectacle of it — the models, designers, tents, the craziness of dreams coming true!"

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“Seeing the most fabulous fashion running around all over the city.”

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"The fashion and the allowance to wear whatever you want for a week."

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“I love the adrenaline rush that comes on the day of the show. There is so much positive energy and excitement flowing backstage and in the audience. Everyone has worked so hard for the show and we all can’t wait to see the final product!”

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"Fashion Week is one of the most exciting times in NYC! I love checking out all the upcoming fashion for the next season and being able to get a first look at all the hottest trends!"

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“I love the energy of fashion week—so many stories are told through the collections shown."

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"What's always fabulous about Fashion Week is how inventive people are with accessories. I'm creating a line of jewelry and apparel with my partners at It's inspired my love of seeing how the most personal and exciting statements in fashion are often times how women pull their look together with the right pair of earrings or a great necklace. This season, I'm looking forward to seeing chunky gold jewelry and bright gem stones inspired by the retro glamor of the 1940's." 

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"I love trying on the beautiful clothes and accessories that designers send over to wear during Fashion Week. I also love people watching—there are so many stylish men and women in New York City. It seems people really come alive during Fashion Week."

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"I love the high intense energy. It's been five years since I retired from walking the runway, but I can still feel the energy of how crazy things are and now being in the front row its even more intense and non-stop. I still relate to it, just from a different perspective now."

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"I love New York Fashion Week because it is fabulous, fast, furious, well organized and business orientated. It's always exciting to celebrate a designer whilst over looking the incredible NYC skyline."