Frisky Friday: Winter Dates

Frisky Friday: Winter Dates
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 10, 2009

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Satisfy your hankering for chocolate with your sweetie, when you meet up for warm cocoa with melty marshmallows and hot kisses with love.

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Watching your man carry and tie a Christmas tree to the roof of his car is super sexy. Add the pheromones from his sweat, mixed with the earthy scent of the pine and you two will be sure to make merry.

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Holding hands and ice skating is a great way to enjoy the cold climate while cozying up to your baby.

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Picture it: you and your new guy, picking up Christmas tree ornaments, making a tree garland and placing a star at the top of the tree. Cue the Hallmark love moment.

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Snowed in? Break out that Bordeaux and the board games. You might inspire some bedroom recreation.

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Embrace the season. Get outside when the fresh flakes fall and and have fun making snow angels, building a snow man or throwing snowballs with your guy.

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Sugar cookies and gingerbread houses are such a delight during the holidays. For a sweet date, share the baking duties with your dude. You can eat the cookie dough off his finger tips and he can kiss the Christmas icing off your nose.

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What better way to thaw out that winter chill than to plan a romantic hot bath session with your guy. Light some candles, and let the love warm you up.

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If you’ve been with your guy for a while, maybe it’s time to take a mini vacation. Plan out a weekend that works best for the both of you to get out of tow and and on top of a mountain. Being away from your regular routine will also help you reach higher heights in the bedroom.

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If you can’t get into the cold weather, pack your bags and head for sunnier surroundings. You should feel a rise in temperature inside your body as well.

P.S. We know it’s a recession, but there’s no harm in dreaming.