Frisky Friday: Sexy Fitness

Frisky Friday
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 23, 2009

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For this week’s Frisky Friday we’ve rounded up sexy ways to get fit. From pole dancing to stiletto aerobics, feel good while working up a sultry sweat.

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Pole dancing classes are on the rise and a great way to work out and feel sexy. Wife and mom Shakeitha Strane was skeptical when she attended a pole dancing party a few years ago, but fell in love with the workout and now has her own studio,

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Not ready to pole dance in public? Check out Pole Dancing DVDs and your own pole to try at home. Flirty Girl Fitness offers seven DVDs, your own retractable poll, a pink boa and more for close to $250.00

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield celebrated her return to the single life with a pole party and considered it her favorite moment of taping.

“Everyone had such a great time and I haven’t laughed that hard in a minute. I encourage women to do it for themselves,” she said.

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Trust us: Your sweetie will appreciate you mastering a good old fashioned strip tease. And you will reap the health benefits that such a workout can bring. A long silky scarf can be very sensual and used as a prop during your routine. Turn up the Luther or Marvin tunes to help you unwind while you strut your stuff.

Check with your local YMCA, fitness centers or gym for strip tease classes that match your budget and comfort level. Consider enrolling in a strip tease class at a relaxing spa like Rancho la Puerta in Mexico.

And remember, practice makes perfect.

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Check with your local YMCA, fitness centers or gym for strip tease classes that match your budget and comfort level. Consider enrolling in a strip tease class at the relaxing Rancho la Puerta in Mexico. It offers a strip tease class for novices that are pressure-less.

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Why not try wearing those playful red patent leather pumps tucked away in the back of your closet the next time you workout in your basement? Even tastemakers like celeb fashion stylist June Ambrose have experimented with this new phenomenon. Your calf muscles will be even stronger when you do nail that cutie you met at the gym for a date.

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While some fitness experts do not recommend using high heel shoes extensively during a workout, most agree that strengthening and stretching exercises in general can be beneficial for the ankle and leg muscles. Hit the Web to locate a stiletto strength class in your neck of the woods.

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Travel to the Middle East without getting on a plane by taking a seductive belly dancing class. You can learn to flex your stomach muscles and move your hips in a way that will drive your beau crazy. You’ll also gain knowledge about another rich culture through the tantalizing dance form.

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Spice up the special events in you and your friends’ lives from bachelorette parties and divorce toasts to birthdays and holidays with some edgy fun that leaves you feeling sexy.

“This tricks the body into getting a good work and you feel empowered, which carries beyond the lesson,” Strane says.

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Does the thought of sliding down poles and dancing in 4-inch heels have you petrified? No worries, you don’t have to become a vixen overnight. Subtle steps to spice up your mundane fitness and romance routines will do just fine. Consider taking a strip tease or pole dancing class with your equally nervous BFF to take off the pressure. And remember that the goal is always for you to have fun!