Found in Transition: Cipriana Quann On The Best End of Summer Transitioning Hairstyles

Are you planning to enjoy these remaining days of summer with a fierce look? Part of that fulfillment begins with making sure you're not only looking your best, but also benefiting from the styles you decide to wear. Here are my top transitioning hairstyles best for the end of summer.

Cipriana Quann Aug, 12, 2014

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After seeing Janet Jackson carry the look so effortlessly in Poetic Justice, who doesn't love a good box braid? Well those days may be long gone, but box braids are still a great choice for those who are looking for a little relief of daily manipulation of their own hair. Whether you use your own hair or extensions, box braids not only provide the versatility for a plethora of styling options, but easier long term access for scalp and washing care.

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These type of twists could be your answer to the perfect summer style. Density wise, the type of hair used for havana twisting is much lighter than the type of hair used for Marley twists, which is more ideal for beach lovers. When water saturates hair the hair becomes heavier causing stress to the individual strands, now couple that with transitioning hair and you can see why Havana twists have a leg up on Marley twists.

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Similar to havana twists, marley twists are great for those looking for a more streamlined version and short term style. The plus side is that the hair used for Marley twists is less expensive per bulk, comes in a larger variety of colors and with a smoother cuticle is great for those who favor lounging in the park versus the beach, all while looking for more control and less frizz.

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Although my transitional days are far behind me, updos have become a constant go to style in my hair journey. Not only are updos perfect for the ever changing humidity that accompanies summer like two peas in a pod, but updos prevent "hands in the hair syndrome" that most times comes into play when hair is worn out. The less manipulation for transitioners the better. Processed hair means high porosity as mentioned before, and when strands are in this fragile state they are more susceptible to breakage from the weight of the moisture. Constantly playing or adjusting your curls throughout the day can increase strand breakage.