Found in Transition: Chime Edwards On Using Bubble Wrap For Perfect Curls

Bubble wrap isn’t just for protecting your possessions when you move; it’s great for achieving beautiful, bouncing curls. That’s one thing I love about the natural community, you can always fine innovative and unconventional ways to set and style your hair. Learn how to use the wrap here.

Chime Edwards Jul, 23, 2014

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First, apply a setting product. You can use mouse or a leave-in conditioner and follow up with oil or light butter. Remember: If your hair isn’t dry when you take it down, the curls will not form properly. The first time I set my hair with bubble wrap it was a fail. I was preparing to go to work when I took the bubble wrap rollers down. My hair did not dry completely so it left my hair with wet saggy curls.; I rocked my hair in a bun that day. Make sure you give yourself enough time to allow your hair to air dry or use a dryer.

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Take a sheet of bubble wrap and roll it until it’s about an inch thick. Use scotch tape to hold the rolled bubble wrap in place-use as little as possible. Keep in mind it is difficult for any hair that is wrapped directly around the tape to curl. It is best to fold the tape and place it on the inside of the wrap. Depending on the type of bubble wrap you use, you may not have to tape it.

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Usually, when I get my hands on bubble wrap, I revert back to an eight year old and begin popping every bubble. But be sure to keep your hands off when making bubble wrap rollers. The bubbles are the key to achieving beautiful, bouncing curls.

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Using bubble wrap may sound strange, but the results are beautiful, bouncy curls that last!

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