Found In Transition: Chime Edwards on Transitioning With Thinning Edges

Thinning edges are at the top of the list of a woman’s hair nightmare. Most women would rather deal with scalp sores than thin edges. When hair is frail around the hairline, it makes it difficult to wear updos. Be smart and protect your edges while transitioning.

Chime Edwards Jun, 23, 2014

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When the weather is hot and sticky, we have the tendency to put our hair up off our neck, but you must be careful not to add additional strain to your already thinning edges. You don't want your ponytail so tight that your strands have to hold on for dear life. Also, stay away from braid extensions and any styles that require your hair to be tightly braided or pulled.

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Biotin is also an effective way to treat thinning hair and edges. It can be found in both supplement and food form. You can also get a significant amount of biotin from foods that you may already have in your refrigerator. Whole wheat bread, avocados, cauliflower, pork, egg yolks and almonds all carry biotin. All those foods also contain vitamins A and B6 which is beneficial for hair growth.

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If you're dealing with thinning edges, castor oil is an excellent treatment. Castor Oil is a proven hair oil that promotes and stimulates growth of hair follicles. Sometimes I combine it with coconut or olive oil to help it spread easily. Using an applicator bottle is also helpful. Massage the thinning area for 5-10 minutes to stimulate the scalp and encourage growth.