Found in Transition: Chime Edwards on Big Chopping in The Summer

Big chopping during any season can be scarier than walking in on your parents doing the horizontal mambo but doing so in the summer can be particularly difficult. As I neared my scheduled big chop, terrifying thoughts rushed through my head. What if I hated my natural hair texture? Would I be on the receiving end of disapproving stares from my co-workers? I had to devise a plan and prepare for the birth of my new hair. Here are a few tips I learned along the way.

Chime Edwards Jun, 16, 2014

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I recommend that you big chop on a weekend or holiday break so you will have time to experiment and give yourself time to get adjusted to your new look before going to work or school.

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Arming yourself with an excellent moisturizer is imperative to counter the drying power of the sun in the summer. Also, since you are not sure how your hair will react to the humidity, a wash n’ go wouldn’t be the best first style to rock. Humidity can transform natural hair, changing the configuration of your style in a matter of minutes and leaving you in a crisis.

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For most naturals, the hardest aspect of big chopping is revealing their new look to the world. In a way, you’re reintroducing yourself to your friends and family, which can create intense feelings of anxiety. Take time to get comfortable with your hair before exposing yourself to the judgment, criticism, and even compliments of others. Decide that you already love it and the opinions of others are irrelevant.

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Most would say summer isn’t the best time to big chop simply because of the weather conditions, but great memories are created during the warmest season of the year. Why not add becoming naturally free to your to-do list?

Chime Edwards is an extremely popular YouTube vlogger with over 145,000 subscribers. Chime was also featured in Nikki Walton’s (Curly Nikki) book, 'Better Than Good Hair.'