Flashback Fridays: Party Like It's 1999

Flashback Fridays: Party Like It's 1999
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2009

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For this week’s Flashback Friday feature we are partying like it’s 1999 with our favorite jams from ten years ago.

Our favorite southern trio put passenger-side-riding busters on blast in this bangin’ female anthem.

Listen Now TLC - Fan Mail - No Scrubs

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Before Beyoncé was singing about halos, this ballad captured euphoric feelings of love by southern songbird Monica.

Listen Now Monica - The Boy Is Mine - Angel of Mine

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We would have been happy with just one, so putting these powerhouse singers on one track was a vocal goldmine, even if they were singing about trifling men.

Listen Now Whitney Houston featuring Faith Evans & Kelly Price - Whitney - The Greatest Hits - Heartbreak Hotel

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You must know the rules and we appreciate this trio reminding the masses our girls will be right there if another woman tries to push up on our man.

Listen Now 702 - 702 - Where My Girls At?

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We’ve all fallen deep for someone who hadn’t made the leap, and Brandy captures the feeling in this touching tune.

Listen Now Brandy - Never Say Never - Have You Ever

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The independent woman’s movement got a jump-start with this catchy song of a man being called out for running up bills he can’t afford.

Listen Now Destiny's Child - The Writing's On the Wall - Bills, Bills, Bills

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Ten years ago we were just as enthralled with Maxwell as we are now. We’re feeling fortunate he returned, and this song captures what good love feels like.

Listen Now Maxwell - We Got It Covered! - Fortunate

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Music videos got an upgrade with this futuristic on-screen affair, and the booming beat had us rocking (back in the days of portable CD players).

Listen Now Busta Rhymes - Extinction Level Event - The Final World Front - What's It Gonna Be?! (feat. Janet)

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Our favorite rocker was doin’ it big with this catchy song that served as the soundtrack from commercials to cookouts.

Listen Now Lenny Kravitz - Lenny Kravitz: Greatest Hits - Fly Away

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Our plaid-shirt and big-haired Mariah was officially gone with this sexy song and video, and the beginning of the songbirds journeyed deeper into the world of hip-hop.

Listen Now Mariah Carey featuring Jay-Z - Mariah Carey: Greatest Hits - Heartbreaker (Featuring Jay-Z)

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His mic always sounds nice, and the Jiggaman had us moving on the dance floor and thinking by the bar with his questioning of whether the ladies would love him if he couldn’t lace us in a lavish lifestyle. Figures he found a lady who can always pay her own way.

Listen Now Jay-Z - Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life - Can I Get A...

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The incomparable L Boogie first graced the ESSENCE Festival stages alongside her Fugees group members in 1996, before later returning to headline the Festival as a solo act in 1999.

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Tyrese quickly upgraded from the cutie on the Coke commercial with this hit song, and had us all wishing the Chocolate crooner was singing to us.

Listen Now Tyrese - Tyrese - Sweet Lady

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The fellas of 112 were pretty clear on the many places they would like to get down, and even gave us a few ideas with this sizzling love song.

Listen Now 112 - Room 112 - Anywhere

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Listen Now K-Ci & JoJo - It's Real - Tell Me It's Real

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Left Eye’s protégés caught our attention with their funky style and this upbeat single, though it took us a second to find out what an 808 was . . .

Listen Now 808

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His small size packed a big voice on this sweet ballad.

Listen Now Jesse Powell - Jesse Powell - You

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We couldn’t get enough of Total in the 90’s, and when the trio teamed up with Missy for this sassy single, we had a new favorite song in the rotation.

Listen Now Total - Kima, Keisha & Pam - Trippin'

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These sensual brothers made a strong return with this song of seduction. It was No.61 on the hottest songs of the year.

Listen Now If You (Lovin' Me)

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Luther and Stevie got a break from the wedding rotation as this song became a favorite of couples ready to say forever and always.

Listen Now Eric Benét - A Day in the Life - Spend My Life With You

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When Chante got a man she wanted the whole world to know, and if he was treating her that great, we were happy to hear.

What’s your favorite party memory or song from 1999?

Listen Now Chanté Moore - This Moment Is Mine - Chante's Got a Man


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