Flashback Fridays: The Best Man

Flashback Friday: The Best Man
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 22, 2009

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As director Malcolm Lee and the cast of the “The Best Man” celebrates its tenth anniversary, ESSENCE.com caught up with Morris Chestnut, who reminisced on the making of this cult classic.

(clockwise right to left) The Wedding Party: Harold Perrineaux, Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Melissa DeSousa and Monica Calhoun.

“We shot the film in New York and the energy of the city added to our great chemistry,” Chestnut told ESSENCE.com. “Filming was a lot of fun!”

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Neither Lance nor Harper can keep their eyes off Mia Morgan (Monica Calhoun), who will soon be Mrs. Lance Sullivan, but unbeknownst to her hubby-to-be he isn’t her one and only—she’s also slept with his best man when they were in college.

“People always say what they would and wouldn’t do if something crazy like that happened to them,” Chestnut told ESSENCE.com about Lance’s revelation that his bride-to-be had slept with his best friend in college. “Truthfully, in real life I don’t know what I would have done. My initial thought is that I couldn’t get past it but I do know there would have been some type of confrontation with the best friend for sure.”

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Lance Sullivan (Chestnut), a football pro, shares a few laughs with his best friend and best-selling author, Harper Stewart (Diggs).

“I would like to believe that today Lance Sullivan would still be in the football league coming to the end of his career; still happily married with two kids—one of which is a boy,” Chestnut told ESSENCE.com.

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Harper and his girl Robin (Sanaa Lathan) spend some quality time.

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Director Malcolm Lee weighs in on a scene to make it picture perfect.

“I spoke to Malcolm a couple of months ago about the possibility of a sequel,” Chestnut reveals to ESSENCE.com. “People are always asking me what about a sequel and I’d definitely be open to it.”

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Harper and Jordan get hot in heavy back in their college days.

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Stewart and news reporter Jordan Armstrong (Nia Long) share a close encounter.

“We all got along so well,” Chestnut told ESSENCE.com. “It would be great for all of us to get together and do it again.”

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Mia, Jordan and Robin have some serious girl talk.

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Quentin (Terrence Howard) has a few words for Harper.

“Everyone loved Quentin and T. Howard’s performance was incredible and all of his scenes were my favorite,” Chestnut told ESSENCE.com. “He was just so darn cunning and funny at the same time. He was definitely my favorite character.”

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Jordan and Harper dance the night away.


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