Flashback Friday: Pam Grier

Flashback Friday: Pam Grier
ESSENCE.COM May, 12, 2010

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With a career spanning 40 years, Pam Grier is a true pioneer. Here, the actress poses in all of her 70s fabulousness.

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In her first starring role, Grier took no prisoners in “Coffy,” released in 1973.

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As Coffy, Grier fought the good fight against crooked cops. She even let her captors believe she was a shrinking violet, but in not time, they realized who they were dealing with.

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“Foxy Brown” was the film (and character) that officially put Pam Grier on the map. She is pictured here with co-star, Peter Brown.

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Though Grier retired her afro for 1975’s “Friday Foster,” she lost none of her edge.

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In “Foxy: My Life in Three Acts,” Grier discusses, in great detail, her relationship with the late comedian, Richard Pryor. Here, the smiling pair attend the 19th Annual Grammy Awards in 1977.

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Grier and Pryor shared the spotlight on the big screen, too, in 1977’s “Greased Lightening.”

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Grier gained a new generation of fans when she joined the cast of Showtime’s hit series, “The L Word.”

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Grier attends the 3rd Annual Black Girls Rock! Awards at New York’s Lincoln Center in 2008.


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