Flashback Friday: Jenifer Lewis

Flashback Friday: Jennifer Lewis
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 10, 2009

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Mama Odie is out and about with her pet snake, JuJu, in the Disney film, “The Princess and the Frog.” Lewis says, “The story line will keep the audience riveted to their seats.”

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Jenifer at the premiere Of “Jackie’s Back” in L.A. “It was, by far, the funniest movie I have ever done,” the star gushes.

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Many big name celebrities, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Loretta Devine, and Diahann Carroll made cameos on the cinematic hit.

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“I knew the movie would live forever because it was a Christmas movie. Every Christmas we would see that movie played for everybody. I mean it was Whitney, Denzel, Loretta, and me — can’t be more fun than that!” Lewis shares.

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Jenifer’s characters are always into something. Here the star shares a moment with Angela Bassett in the film,“Meet the Browns.”

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Lewis says she enjoyed her role in the movie “The Brothers”. "I had fun because I got married and I’ve never been married, so that was a challenge. It was like my first wedding. I was like, ‘Oh, my God is this what it feels like to have a wedding and to be a bride?’” she says.

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Jenifer recalls her most memorable role, which was sharing the silver screen with the late Tupac Shakur in the film, “Poetic Justice.”

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“I only did one scene. Denzel called my people and said he wanted me for a scene. I said, ‘You tell Denzel that if he wants me somewhere in the morning, he better call me himself.’ And he did! Which was very cute. Antwone Fisher was a very important movie and it needed to be filmed at that time.”

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The busy actress is no stranger to starring in animated films. Here, she gives her voice to Flo in the 2006 “Cars” movie.

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A serious Jenifer is focused on her part in the family favorite, “Madea’s Family Reunion.”

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