Flashback Friday: "Family Matters" 20th Anniversary

Flashback Friday: "Family Matters" 20th Anniversary
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 17, 2009

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It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since we were glued to our TV screens every Friday night watching the Winslow family on ABC. Whether we were admiring the beautiful Laura, laughing at the nerdy Steve Urkel, or swooning over Eddie, “Family Matters” quickly became everyone’s favorite TGIF series.

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By second season the breakout character had become the main character of “Family Matters” and stole the sitcom. His high waters and high pitched voice, and everlasting love for Laura Winslow made for high ratings. No longer doing the Urkel dance or asking for cheese, at 33, Jaleel White is more Stephon Urkele than Steve, and currently working on a web series, as well as having recent guest appearances on the show like Psych and film Dreamgirls.

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We loved her hair, her smile, and how intelligently Laura Winslow carried herself. The object of Steve’s affection the entire nine seasons, this Winslow daughter is now all grown up. At the age of 33, this year Williams is now a newly married woman, and frequently co-host on the Style Network hit show Clean House.

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The youngest daughter in the Winslow family that mysteriously made a unexplained exit off the show. She reappeared back on television on VH1s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” battling a marijuana addiction. As of yesterday the Foxxworth turned 30, and the ex-porn star Crave recently has had a baby.

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How cute was Richie? The totally adorable tyke delivered very few lines back then, but delivers plenty on CBS’s “Young and the Restless.” At 23, the Emmy award winning actor has went from adorable to sexy in a matter of years.

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The patriarch of the Winslow family had the weight of taking care of his family, while constantly being annoyed by Steve Urkel. The short tempered Chicago police sergent, now 57, involves himself with theater work and short films. Writer of the short film series, Division Street, VelJohnson also has had a recent television appearance on the show “Monk,” and will star in the holiday film The Three Gifts on Hallmark channel, Dec 19th at 8 pm.

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Kellie Williams played the older sassy daughter of the Winslow clan. We see why Steve fell head over hills for the beautiful actress. Look at that smile…

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Steve was forever getting into something. Here the clumsy star attempts to do a pose.

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“Oh, Laura,!” Steven shares a happy moment with his crush Laura.

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Here the Winslow family enjoys a Christmas portrait.

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The Winslows were never shy in front of the camera. Here the beautiful crew are all smiles for yet another family portrait.


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