Flashback Friday: Bra

Flashback Friday: Bra
ESSENCE.COM May, 27, 2010

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Women’s lingerie evolved from these corset-like sketches. These can be cumbersome and didn’t pinpoint where on a woman’s body support was needed.

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This old school bra basically treated the twins as if they were one. In 1920’s, fashion called for a slim, boyish figure to fit into straight flapper dresses.These bras were more like camisoles and offered no real support.

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Mrs. Ida Rosenthal, left, an authority on the subject of brassieres, measures a model for a bra, measuring from the shoulder blade to mid-breast in New York, Nov. 20, 1950. Mrs. Rosenthal says the correct elevation for the natural bosom look is about ten inches from the shoulder line, less for short women, more for tall ones. She and her husband head a large New York Brassiere firm.

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While the bra was all about necessity at first, the Wonderbra in 1964 offered support while also lifting and creating the famous sexy, push-together look and plunge here on Pam Grier.

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The patented bra was the creation of a New York socialite named Mary Phelps Jacob who, in 1910, when she discovered that her corset didn’t go well under her sheer gown.She and her French maid sewed two silk handkerchiefs onto a length of pink ribbon. Fast forward to today’s opulent creations like this Victoria’s Secret 2007 Fantasy Bra for $4.5 million.

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Tyra Banks takes center stage in an extravagant bra.

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Model Naomi Campbell walks the runway at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. The brassiere, and women’s lingerie as a whole, has become a booming billion dollar industry.


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