First Lady Inauguration Style: What Should She Wear? commissioned a few fresh faces in fashion to design a look they'd love to see Michelle Obama wear. Take a look at what they've created.

Celia L. Smith Jan, 08, 2013

1 of 9 Courtesy of Kimberly Goldson

"It is inspired by a lace group I designed for this fall. I think the romance of lace is so befitting for this moment. The strapless [style] accentuates her toned arms, and the peplum into the fit and flare skirt just skims her gorgeous figure." ––Kimberly Goldson, Project Runway  season 9 finalist

2 of 9 Courtesy of Omar Salem

Raw silk accordion bi-color shirt over high-waist, three-quarter skirt in black.

"Michelle Obama would wear this look because it is chic, timeless, but also an inventive and bold statement. She is a strong woman standing by the side of one of the greatest presidents of all time; therefore, she should dress tastefully, but not be afraid to take risks. This look is the perfect combination." ––Omar Salam

3 of 9 Courtesy of Jeffrey Williams

"This dress speaks strength, modernity, and freedom, and can stand the test of time. With this dress Mrs. Obama would attract attention with the pure balance of grace," says Jeffrey Williams, season 2 winner of Bravo's The Fashion Show. "Being in black and white shows the balance of yin and yang and historical date and time."

"The center front zipper is beyond women power. The woman controls how much she wants to show and give — whether it'd be zipped high like a crew neck or a deep commanding V-neck, everyone will know this woman is a leader to be watched."

4 of 9 Courtesy of Tsemaye Binitie

"I went for a beaded strapless design as she has great shoulders and is usually happy to show her arms. I envisage that her hair should be swept up as it gives a more dressed-up feel to the whole ensemble." ––Tsemaye Binitie

5 of 9 Courtesy of Mimi Plange

Silk off-the-shoulder gown with train showcasing tonal and opaque mini-pearls and an encrusted lace inset with scalloped edge.

"For this historic event, we have chosen a deep crimson shade to showcase what we feel like she represents: power and sophistication. We wanted something elegant and unique that would withstand the test of time." ––Mimi Plange

6 of 9 Courtsey of LaQuan Smith

"It’s the second term! Michelle (and the rest of the world) have something to celebrate that night. This will probably be the only time she will be able to really dance and let loose and celebrate Obama being in his second term. In this cocktail number she could do just that!" says LaQuan Smith.

"I always loved the fact that Michelle is so tall. With this dress she can show off her amazing legs and figure with modest peek-a-boo accents.”

7 of 9 Courtesy of Nzinga Knight

"For the ultimate style ambassador Michelle Obama, a.k.a. the First Lady of style, I chose to design a semi-fitted column gown that consists of a mix of structural lines, feminine, soft details and regal embellishment. With the cameras flashing all night long and everyone focused on FLOTUS and President Obama, her gown will shine as brightly as she does." ––Nzinga Knight

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"I envision Michelle Obama wearing a floor-length red silk dress with red chiffon peplum and her hair up in a simple bun. A very clean and simple yet bold look that will leave everyone remembering what she wore." ––Sonjia Williams, Project Runway season 10

9 of 9 Courtesy of Tiffany Amber

"Looking at the character of the First Lady, this dress embodies all of the great qualities of the woman she is. It is structured but also feminine, showing strength of character without overwhelming that of the man by her side." ––Tiffany Amber


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