First Date Reminders

First Date Reminders
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 09, 2010

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First dates are always nerve wrecking. All sorts of questions abound. Is he going to pay? What should I wear? Do I have everything I need? We thought we’d create a little checklist of what to remember for a fabulous first date.

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If your date goes terribly wrong and you two end up squaring off at the table, you don’t want to lose the battle by letting him pay. And, if your date includes multiple stops it’d be nice if you picked up the tab at one of them.

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Your cell phone is essential for your first date in case you and your date have trouble finding each other or you need an out. Otherwise, keep it in your purse. If you spend more time talking on the phone than you do talking to him, don’t expect him to call you for a second date.

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We understand that you want to smell nice, but if the scent of your perfume is masking the wafts of flavor from your date’s entree, you’ve gone too far. Here’s a age old tip: spray the perfume into the air and then shimmy into it to ensure just the right amount lands on you.

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One of the biggest turn-offs for a guy is a girl that lets it all hang out. If everyone can see what delicacies you’re offering, he may not even approach the buffet table. You dig? If things go well, you’ve have plenty of time to show him your stuff.

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Do excuse yourself to touch up your make- up. Don’t carry the whole kit and caboodle though. A compact mirror, lip gloss and a bronzer is all you’ll need to stay fabulous all night long.

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Halitosis is not a good look for a first date. Garlic proof your good-night kiss with some strong minty flavor.

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The fact that you’re nervous about this new guy is all the more reason not to order that third martini. You will get drunk. You will embarrass yourself. He probably won’t call you.

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Carrying condoms doesn’t mean that you are going to have sex on the first night. But don’t kid yourself, ladies. Some of us are often losers at the waiting game. If your first date turns into a one-night-stand, carrying protection will ensure that the repercussions are only psychological.

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Again, wearing matching underwear doesn’t mean you’re going to show it to him. However, knowing that you have a set of sexy skivvies on under your dress will help you feel more attractive, even if he never knows what you were working with that night.

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Don’t get all tight lipped because you’re nervous about impressing your date. Think back to when you were getting to know your best friend. You spoke openly about the things you were interested in so that she could get to know you. This is the same idea. Loosen up let him get to know the real you. That’s the fun part of the date.