Fine and fabulous

Fine and fabulous
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Agnes Morris, 92, is president of her neighborhood garden society, jazz lover, dancer, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, great-great grandmother; resides in New York City. She is wearing a silk-georgette caftan by Plenty by Tracy Reese, a lace camisole by Mary Green, a taffeta skirt by Max Mara, earrings by Pernille Wager, a necklace by Sage and leather slippers by Georgina Von Etzodorf.

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Murielle Abdulsamad, 46, this wife and entrepreneur is director of a nonprofit organization that provides services to low-income elderly. She�s an arts-and-crafts buff, swimmer, tennis player, skier and resides in Pensacola Beach, Florida. �I�m not as focused on material things as I was in the past. I feel as if I know more about who I am and what matters most, which is giving back and taking care of those in need. Murielle is wearing a camisole by OMO Norma Kamali, metallic pants by GF Ferre, a necklace by Tommassini, a belt by Streets Ahead, bracelets and a ring by Stephen Dweck, cuff by Kirsten Moorhead and shoes by Gina.

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Josephine Stokes, 80, a mother, grandmother, retired teacher and school librarian, church and community volunteer, choir member; resides in Seattle �I really make a point of being positive. Your attitude has everything to do with your altitude. If you think optimistically, it helps to sustain you.� Josephine is wearing a beaded camisole by David Meister, a velvet blazer by Wendy Hil, a skirt by Kenneth Cole, earrings and a necklace by Stephen Dweck, and a ring by David Yurman. Ring on pinkie finger is her own.

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Myrtis Jones, 60, volunteers to care for Border Babies at her local hospital; she�s a beach bum, exceptional cook, wife, retired information-technology specialist and resides in South Orange, New Jersey �I�ve been able to create a nice life for myself. I love that I have so many wonderful friends I�m in touch with. Now that I�m retired I can do what I want. I exercise regularly, volunteer, travel. I�m even thinking about starting a new career in the beauty business.� Myrtis is wearing a leopard-print fur coat by Roberto Cavalli, sleeveless dress by David Meister and necklace by Stephen Dweck.

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Bertha Hagan, 104, a cook, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, great- grandmother and great-great grandmother, resides in New York City. She is wearing a gown and an evening coat by Gabrielle Carlson, earrings by Nancy Caten, a ring by Miriam Haskell and mules by Claudia Ciuti.

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Millie Cruzat, 77, is a dancer, model, mother, grandmother, tennis player, ice skater; she resides in Chicago. �I was fortunate to have a mother who was well before her time when it came to health and fitness. She worked six days a week until she was 89 and exercised regularly. This beautiful Black woman stretched every morning�no one I knew was doing such a thing. I remember watching her prepare and drink carrot juice; this was all in the 1930�s! I�ve followed in her footsteps. I eat well and have a very active lifestyle. Millie is wearing a merino-wool turtleneck by Tracy Reese, her own Gap jeans, earrings by Grinell, bracelets and a ring by Zirconmania, and pumps by Christian Louboutin.