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ESSENCE.COM Jan, 07, 2010

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Sabrina and Jason’s plan to say “I do” at her well-to-do parents home on Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t go so well once his family comes in from Brooklyn. Through it all these two manage to make it work.

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He comforted her after an abusive relationship and loved her unconditionally in “Why Did I Get Married” and she stuck by him when he didn’t have a job in “Why Did I Get Married, Too?”

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Although he was part of her brothers-in-law’s con to get her out of her sister’s relationships, we love how Ray melted Eva’s icy heart.

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Although their tale ends in murder and imprisonment Carmen and Joe’s romance is hot and heavy even by 1954 standards.

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You know you’ve got a solid relationship when you can fight aliens and save the world together. When her man Captain Steven Hiller gets the call to kick some extraterrestrial butt, exotic dancer Jasmine is right behind him in the fight to maintain freedom.

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We all wanted to be Stella when she headed down to Jamaica and brought back pretty young thing Winston. Despite their age and cultural differences Winston finally got Stella to let her guard down and keep her new groove.

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When writer Darius meets photographer Nina sparks fly, but they both have to work through their own issues before they can be together.

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Erin (a.k.a. New New) was the rich girl who pretended to be on the other side of the tracks to get Rashad to like her. They connect at the roller skating rink, but when Rashad finds out who Erin really is, he’s not having it. They make peace in the end, but their road of teenage love in ATL is quite rocky.

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We love that Monica and Quincy bonded over basketball. These two were never afraid to compete for the each other’s hearts. In the end Love and Basketball conquers all.

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Leslie is a physical therapist who falls for her pro NBA client Scott. He realizes he’s in love with her after she helps him get back into the game.

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April takes Sandino in when he needs shelter and he shows her how to love and be love.

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We worry about Harper and Robin’s relationship when he goes to New York for his best friend’s wedding and runs into a ‘would be’ old flame. In the end he does the right thing and even asks Robin to marry him at the wedding reception.

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Claudine is a single mother of six in Harlem, living on welfare, who falls for Rupert. Although this couple faces adversity from the system and from Claudine’s kids, it’s happily ever after in the end.

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Amber makes life-long conman Johnny want to clean up his act. He gets a job in the mailroom at the credit card firm where she works and is lured into an identity theft scheme in hopes of making a lot of money to impress Amber.

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These two are the only semi-functional couple in ‘For Colored Girls.’ He wants a baby. She does too, but she’s hiding a secret that keeps her from getting pregnant. They grown to accept reality and love each other.

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This spy thriller surrounding the passage of a bill to expand the surveillance powers of law enforcement agencies sees Robert Clayton Dean caught in a false scandal that could ruin his marriage to Carla.

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Prince Akeem traveled all the way to New York City to find his queen. He took on the life of a poor man to find a woman with a heart of gold and when Lisa McDowell, his boss’ daughter, found out his true nature, she vowed to be his bride and followed him back to Africa.

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Sure, George pulled himself up by the bootstraps to earn his entrepreneurial stripes and the keys to that deluxe apartment in the sky, but he couldn’t have done any of it without his ever-devoted, Weezy, by his side.

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Parents to J.J., Thelma and Michael and neighbor of Willona, Florida and James loved their way through the hard times in the housing projects of Chicago. Whether maintaining peace on the home front or trying to keep the lights on, the Evans’ always pulled through with laughter and their heads held high.

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They personified teenage love, but as much as we wished for Charlene and Willis to last forever, they only made it through two seasons. It sure was sweet while it lasted.

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The naysayers just couldn’t fathom the likes of this Black, professional couple, but Claire, an attorney, and Cliff, a doctor, were a fine example of what it means to have it all – love, family, success and legacy. We were more than happy to welcome them into our living rooms for eight, solid seasons.

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Nobody was ever good enough to meet the extreme expectations of Hillman College’s ever-legendary southern belle. Then along came Dwayne Wayne, who was the very opposite of what she thought she wanted. Whitley couldn’t resist…and we couldn’t turn away.

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No matter his over-the-top antics or how hard, and often, he dissed her BFF, Gina loved her some Marty-Mar. Though the details of the pair’s off-camera battles are still rather murky, watching those syndicated marathons remind us of the good ol’ days.

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As hard as they tried to turn a blind eye to the sparks that flew between them, this feisty pair finally relented to their heart’s desires. Though they seemed to enjoy being at each other’s throats, something tells us that they lived happily ever after.

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As enchanted as we were with daytime television’s first, Black couple when they arrived in Pine Valley during the 80s, we were equally saddened when Jesse was the victim of a gunshot wound. Fast-forward to 2007, and the pair were back on-screen (looking better than ever) and we happily convinced ourselves that Jesse didn’t really die from his injuries.

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Quirky and unconventional, this Connecticut couple, and parents of three, did their best to raise their family and maintain the flickering flame of passion in their marriage. Thankfully, they both had a solid sense of humor because their kids never ceased to amaze them.

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Opening your home to your sister’s three kids requires a big heart, a great deal of patience and an extremely understanding better half. Even when Bernie’s nieces and nephew tested his limits, Wanda was there, taking a deep breath, right alongside him.

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Whether he was tired from a long day on his job as a garbage man or tense after a verbal battle with his ornery dad and free-loading brother, Roc always knew that Eleanor would welcome him home, with open arms, and a kiss on his bald head.

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Though they were never officially “a couple,” Nikki simply could not contain herself in the presence of Professor Oglevee, with hilarious results. We certainly wish he would’ve given her more play, but she definitely gets points for going after the man of her dreams.

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While Malena and Mel were deep in the throws of newlywed bliss, his brother, Reggie, and his feisty girlfriend, Bobbi, seemed to find pleasure in fighting over who wore the pants in their budding relationship. Sorry, Reggie, but after four seasons, we think Bobbi might have had you beat.

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Tossed into the merciless world of professional sports, Melanie and her college sweetheart (and team rookie), Derwin, believed that their love could withstand the glare of the spotlight. We still rooted for them as they tied the knot, on the same day that his ex gave birth to his first child.

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He might not have donned a suit-and-tie or fit into her “perfect man” definition, but Teri tossed all caution to the wind when she fell for Damon, a delivery man who whispered sweet nothings in her ear (in German!) and stole her heart. It was only fitting this on-screen couple’s love would blossom in real life, too.


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