Fashionistas with Curves

Fashionistas with Curves
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 04, 2011

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Who: Actress, Amber Riley
Why: Amber Riley brings a fresh attitude to dressing that we’ve loved since day one. She consistently bring her A-game to the red carpet with gorgeous, figure-flattering dresses and gowns! We love this young fashionista and can’t wait to see how her wardrobe grows!

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Who: TV Host, Wendy Williams
Why: She makes no bones about a nip here and a tuck there, but it’s clearly all for good results. Williams keeps her bodacious curves in short, tight mini’s like this beautiful blue one.

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Who: Amber Rose
Why: People can say what they will, but this celebrated beauty knows exactly what to do with all those curves! Rose continues to make her name by pouring herself into barely there minis and bodysuits. It may not always be tasteful, but it’s always a sight to see!

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Who: Actress, Niecy Nash
Why: Ms. Nash keeps us laughing, but she also keeps us looking at her amazing body! With her penchant for elegant pieces – like this sparkling gown – Nash keeps her style classy and her personality sassy!

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Who: Gospel Artists, TIna and Erica Campbell
Why: These sisters know the a thing or two about heavenly style! They always keep things elegant with draping dresses and bold accessories.

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Who: Singer, Mary J. Blige
Why: Blige has had a long career – and an equally long fitness regime. The singers has kept her curves tight and toned and flaunts the in figure hugging numbers like this sparkling column gown!

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Who: Actress, Queen Latifah
Why: The Queen always looks like royalty! Whether glam dresses like this or casually elegant trousers and blazer she always flatters her figure.

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Who: TV Personality, Sherri Shepard
Why: We love Sherri for picking sleek dresses and bold accessories which are as effervescent and fun as she is! Like all smart fashionistas, Shepard makes sure to highlight her favorite assets, (in this case her décolletage)!

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Who: Nene Leakes
Why: Nene’s body is as bold as her personality. While she’s doesn’t bother to hide her opinion, she’s an expert at flaunting her curves in comfy – yet classy – leggings and sweater ensembles. Leakes’ punctuates her simple pieces with statement shoes like these thigh high Louboutin boots.

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Who: Model and ESSENCE Contributing Style Editor, Toccara Jones
Why: Since we first laid eyes on her, we’ve been wowed by Toccara’s ability to effortlessly look good in just about everything she wears. In recent times, she’s been a fan of flirty mini’s like this that balance sultriness and sophistication.

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Who: Media Mogul, Oprah Winfrey
Why: Despite her much publicized fluctuating weight, one thing remains constant – her great style! Oprah celebrates her curves with a selection of chic suits and glam gowns which make her look – and feel – her best!

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Who: Singer, Alicia Keys
Why: Though she camouflages them often in long dresses and tunic tops, Alicia’s curves are undeniable! The newly-minted mommy prefers body hugging jeans paired with tanks and cropped jackets.

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Who: Singer/Actress Ashanti
Why: From body hugging minis to well, more body hugging mini’s Ashanti knows how to show off what she’s got. We love that the diva is a fan of body-shaping undergarments that keep her curves extra tights and right.

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Who: Comedienne, Monique
Why: She might crack jokes for a living, but ain’t nothing funny about this woman’s style! Monique knows how to highlight her assets including great legs and a beautiful bust!

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Who: TV Personality, Star Jones
Why: The slimmed down star has maintained her shape and sophisticated style with a selection of chic dresses and sleek suits. We love that her beauty notes are as glam as her style.

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Who: Singer, Chahka Kahn
Why: It’s possible that nearly no one in Hollywood has as much curve appeal as the legendary singer! Never one to shy from drama and glamour, the iconic singer goes for custom pieces which show off her body with flair!

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Who: Actress, LisaRaye
Why: When it comes to curves, LisaRaye has always been known for hers. The beautiful mother continues to celebrate her sensuality and curves with an all white ensemble!

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Who: Jennifer Lopez
Why: Do we need words? J.Lo’s pictures have been saying a thousand words for over a decade. Her shapely body and sultry style continue to keep her fans coming back for another glimpse!

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Who: Actress, Nia Long
Why: Long is as iconic for her romantic characters as she is for her iconic body. The fashionista drapes her soft, womanly curves in flowey dresses and gowns.

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Who: Singer, Janet Jackson
Why: Ms. jackson is legendary for many things, not least of is her beautiful body! Despite her well documented struggles with her weight, the diva always keeps things chic with luxe pieces from brands like Lanvin!


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