Fashion Remix: My Makeover

Fashion Remix: My Makeover
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 07, 2011

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CHALLENGE: While Yolanda takes pride in being a fuss-free kind of girl, she admitted she desperately wanted to learn how to go glam.

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The first step towards a total glamification and a new look was to crimp Yolanda’s locks into something more chic.

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Almost there, one side of Yolanda’s head is twisted.

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Look at how fierce that side-part is looking on Yolanda already.

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Celebrity makeup artist Lucky Smyler adds length to Yolanda’s lashes and applies a dramatic smokey finish.

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We styled Yolanda in a form-fitting knit dress with ruching across the middle area and added an oversize fur vest and platform sandals to bring her sexy back.

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For her second look, we draped her athletic frame in a silver maxidress to emphasize her curves, paired with a classic blazer with back detailing. We crimped her locks and Smyler gave her a smoky eye.

“I loved the clothes. My husband said, ‘Wow.’”

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CHALLENGE: “My daughter says I dress too ‘matchy-matchy.’ I wanted to learn how to mix things up more,” Cassandra explains.

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Williams was given a fabulous, cherry-chocolate hair color that complemented her complexion.

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Williams was treated to an electric orange manicure! So sexy.

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Time for a fitting! Loving that dress.

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The first look we found for her combined a pencil skirt with a flowing, sheer-sleeved blouse — perfect for work (if you add a jacket) or date night with her husband.

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Cassandra’s second look — a bold, graphic sheath — upped the ante. We paired it with a classic khaki trench coat, which instantly transforms any outfit. Smyler gave her dramatic lashes to boost volume and used bronzer for a dewy finish.

THE VERDICT: “I couldn’t believe how great I looked. My new style is awesome.”

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CHALLENGE: Working within a creative environment, it was easy for Ericka to hold on to the youthful, boho-chic style of dress she favored from her undergrad days. But turning 30, completing graduate studies and getting engaged prompted her to rethink her style message.

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Celeb hairstylist Ursula Stephen added hair extensions to create an ombre effect, where the hair is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends.

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“Hairpieces allow you to experiment with color without committing,” says Stephen. She spritzed on FHI Hot Sauce to protect the hair from heat, then used a flatiron to straighten.

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Celeb makeup artist Lucky Smyler took Ericka’s bold, yet playful personal style and translated that message to her eyes, defining them with three rows of lashes.

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Stephen trimmed Goodman’s ends for a razor-sharp finish.

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A little bit of blending on the lids goes a long way.

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Our first choice for Ericka? A sheath dress in resplendent royal blue. The zipper detail hardware gives this classic look unexpected edge.

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Our first choice for Ericka? A sheath dress in resplendent royal blue. The zipper detail hardware gives this classic look unexpected edge.

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Her second look also includes a vibrant hue: tailored slacks in a fierce fuchsia and a tailored vest to show off her curves. The result? No-fuss style with a touch of sass.

THE VERDICT: “The clothes were so amazingly sexy yet chic. It has inspired me: I can still be my fun, youthful self while also being sexy and mature. The two can be synonymous.”

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CHALLENGE: “I felt I needed to get a different spin on the trends and a new perspective on how to put it together,” Nicky says.

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Nicky sits with our creative team to decide what hairstyle would work best on her face.

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Looking good, Nicky!

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Here, Nicky gets a shockingly bold, metallic cobalt blue mani. So pretty with her hair hue!

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When it came to her hair, Nicky wanted Stephen to “Beyoncify” her. Stephen added lots of length, then created waves instead of curls with a flatiron.

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Nicky’s eyes were defined with two rows of lush faux lashes, and a muted neutral shadow.

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Look at all that added length on her hair!

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We amped up a classic white shirtdress by pairing it with a brocade blazer. Texture gives the jacket a softer, more eclectic look.

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For her second option, we showed Nicky how to make a statement that is both timeless and of-the-moment by injecting color into her wardrobe with a classic wrap dress in a bright pink.

THE VERDICT: “I felt like I was about to walk on the red carpet.”


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