Fashion Editors Share Their Style Resolutions

How these style connoisseurs are taking on 2015.

Celia L. Smith Jan, 07, 2015

1 of 10 Hannan Saleh

"My new years fashion resolution is to clean out my closet of everything that I'm not in love with. If I wouldn't feel confident wearing it in front of my boss, the man of my dreams or the most judgmental fashion friends, then chances are I don't need it taking up space in my closet!" ––Kozerski, @brittanykozerski

2 of 10 Hannan Saleh

"My New Years Fashion resolution is to stop waiting for a 'special' occasion to wear 'special' clothes. Every single day I'm blessed with is special, and I'm dressing to celebrate that!" ––Turini, @shionat

3 of 10 Hannan Saleh

"I resolve to wear all the heels that I "needed" but never wear! Sneakers are just sooooo easy and comfortable." ––Chapoteau, @chapoteau

4 of 10 Hannan Saleh

"My fashion resolution is to utilize the pieces in my closet more. I have so many classic staples in the archives that I need to put to use. Instead of staying in a fashion routine and throwing on the first pieces I see in the morning. I am going to plan ahead and be inspired by my looks, everyday! I know, ambitious of me." ––Reid, @tiffanyreid_

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"My fashion resolution is to practice what I preach and shop my closet instead of buying new stuff. What I think I need is probably sitting in my closet somewhere, I should just put in the effort to actually find it!" ––Ogunnaike, @nikkiogun

6 of 10 Hannan Saleh

"If I'm going to buy something new, it has to be a must-have item, period. Something I'll keep thinking about long after leaving a store or web site. This year is also about upgrading my undergarments and lingerie. Lastly, I'm taking my time to search for and invest in a medium-sized everyday black bag that can hold everything from an iPad to diapers. I'm going to take it slow. I won't rush into anything. I'm looking for the one." ––Oliver, @simoneoliver

7 of 10 Hannan Saleh

"2014 was the year that I outgrew both my closet and attic storage space. So I'll be paying a lot of attention to editing in 2015. I'm going to take that old William Morris quote - "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” - and apply it to my closet. That means editing out even more of the things that never get worn and making sure that the things I do buy are worth holding on to for a very long time." ––Hunt, @kenyahunt

8 of 10 Hannan Saleh

"I resolve to stop spending money on fleeting trends and cheaply made clothes -- rather I'll invest those funds in timeless and well-crafted items that will last me a lifetime, or at least close to it." ––Wilson, @missjulee

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"My New Year Style Resolution is to incorporate more monochromatic looks into my wardrobe. There's something very chill and lowkey about wearing one color head to toe. Its almost like an anti-fashion statement and a great palate cleanser to start off 2015 on the right tip." ––Dyer, @yung_oprah

10 of 10 Hannan Saleh

"I'm putting myself on a "fashion fast," period. And wearing what I already own." ––Smith, @celia.smith


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