Fashion Closet: Bottoms Up!

Fashion Editor Celia Smith on how to look chic in shorts, skorts and more.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 24, 2014
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So Rodriguez and Balenciaga. And not only is it perfect for petites who want to elongate their legs and could use a little more fabric around the waist, but this is a great style for all shapes who are too timid to take the full plunge into shorts. It's like training wheels for shorts, but in a chic way. [MUSIC] Now to my ladies flaunting an hourglass figure, pencil this in. Pencil skirts were created to give your curves that pow factor. Love her or not, Kim K perfects it pretty darn well. [MUSIC] And let's not forget about our fabulously full figured ladies who can pull of a curve hugging pencil skirt like no other. The key to wearing this style is finding one that incorporates tummy support with a thick band so the mid section is less visible and your legs are the main attraction. The same applies for shorts. Keep the rise high and your mid section pulled together. Top heavy cone shape, let's not skirt away from chic. The piece that will perfect your luck, and that hourglass illusion, is the neoprene [UNKNOWN] skirt. It props up perfectly, with a voluminous shape. [MUSIC] And if you've already got curves down below, not a problem. An asymmetrical skirt plays tricks with your bottom proportion, showing a little but covering a little at the same time. [NOISE] Ladies of all shapes, take these smart tips to heart and you will look hot. Now what are you waiting for? Head over to the fashion closet and go shop your shape. [NOISE]