Eye Candy: Will Blackmon

Eye Candy: Will Blackmon
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 05, 2012

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New York Giants cornerback Will Blackmon is taking advantage of a little off-season down time to try his hand at modeling. As you can see from this steaming hot photo, he’s a natural.

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“I’ve always felt that I was destined to play football since I was 5-years-old," says Blackmon, who was born and raised in Rhode Island. "It’s crazy to think that you started at flag football and then one day you’re playing in the Super Bowl. It was just so surreal to have that happen.”

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Blackmon and his wife Shauna are the proud parents of a 15-month-old son. “He’s a wonderful perfect baby,” he says. “I love seeing him every morning. It’s so refreshing, it’s crazy.”

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“I thought I should take some cool pictures for my wife for our anniversary, but the photographer said they came out so good we should submit them to an agency,” says Blackmon. “As soon as they saw it, they just signed me up immediately. So I’ve mostly been doing print and sportswear stuff since. My wife enjoyed them too, no question.”

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Blackmon, who married recording artist Shauna Danielle, is a committed family man. “Whatever I need to do to feed my family I will do,” he tells us, which is the main reason he’s decided to see where his modeling career can go.

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We don’t get to see Blackmon shirtless too often, but now that he doesn’t have to wear his Giants uniform, we get a peek at all the rock hard ab goodness that lies beneath it. What a view!

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Here’s something most football fans don’t know: Blackmon tells us there’s an organization called the NFL Player Development Program that offers players opportunities to work on honing skills for a secondary career. They have a business management program at Harvard and a broadcast boot camp as well. This year they’re doing a Hollywood boot camp, focused on directing and producing, and Blackmon was just accepted.

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“I lost my mother when I was six years old; she had Crohn’s disease,” Blackmon says. “My father raised me, my brother and my sister, and took care of my grandma and his sister all in one house. We’re all doing extremely well. He worked three shifts as a corrections officer. He showed me what it took to be a real man and how to respect women. For me to be a father now is a real privilege.”

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Two words: More, please!

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With his smooth lips, dreamy eyes, and champion physique, Blackmon brings the sexy on and off the field.

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