Eye Candy of the Week: Tobias Truvillion

Eye Candy of the Week: Tobias Truvillion
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 09, 2010

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Ladies, who ordered the chocolate surprise? That’s right. We did. Actor eye candy Tobias Truvillion increased the female fanbase of Anton Fuqua’s gritty, violent thriller “Brooklyn’s Finest.” With a new movie on the horizon and a spot in the Off-Broadway play “Black Angels Over Tuskegee,” this sexy thespian isn’t going anywhere, thankfully. He stopped by ESSENCE.com to tell us why he likes acting and why he loves Black women.

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Born in Flushing, Queens, Tobias Truvillion walks and talks with the swagger of a born and bred New Yorker. Raised by his grandmother, Tobias admits he’s an old soul.

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“I’ve always had a lot of confidence and spirituality, knowing that it’s all good,” Tobias says. “I have a strong faith. My spiritual awareness is old.”

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Tobias broke into entertainment through modeling. He later chose acting out of his desire to “be an individual and express myself.”

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Truvillion is set to appear in the Russell Costanzo-directed film “The Tested” which drops this fall. He plays “James,” who he describes as a “gangster with morals.”

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This single man is definitely looking for his better half. He wants a girl who is trustworthy, with a great sense of style and most importantly knowledge of self.

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This foodie is quick to admit that he needs a woman who can throw down in the kitchen. “Eating is one of my favorite pastimes,” Tobias says. “I’m a breakfast master and I’m good on the grill, too.”

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“I love my sisters,” Tobias confesses. “I just love my chocolate girls. They’re just beautiful. I love their fire.”

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“I root for Black women,” Tobias continues. “I fight for them. If I see something I don’t like, I definitely speak up about it.”

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Truvillion definitely wants to get married and have children someday. For now he’s chilling with his pup, a miniature schnauzer hilariously named Mr. Can You Dig It. How cute?

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When he does meet the right woman, Tobias says he’ll “treat her with respect, bring her gifts and flowers and cook for her.”

A creative man, Truvillion likes to get a little crafty with his gifts. “On a first date, I’d make something. I’ve made a card for a girl before,” he says.

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“There’s a lady I have my eye on,” Tobias confessed to us during our interview. “She doesn’t know it yet. I’m a secret admirer.” Hmmm, we wonder who it could be.

If you’re not done with Tobias, and how could you be, check him out at www.tobiastruvillion.net