Eye Candy of the Week: Robert Dowdy

Eye Candy of the Week: Robert Dowdy
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 12, 2010

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While Fashion Week in New York heats up, we head down South to check out this tall glass of cool water. Model Robert Dowdy has been donned the Face of Fashion Week in ATL. We say, the body’s not bad either.

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Robert has always been interested in modeling and acting, but football was his first love. When injuries put him out of the game, he shifted his focus to his other goals. It turns out, modeling came natural to the 6’2" stunner.

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While Robert looks sexy strutting down the runway in designer duds, he says he’s “not good with style.” We just can’t imagine anything looking bad on this guy.

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Robert says he gets a lot of compliments on his eyes. We think that sexy back, chiseled abs and perfect V are worth some honorable mentions.

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Robert calls himself “Mr. Laid Back,” and admits to being "stubborn and hard-headed. While he’s “never going to admit to being the perfect man,” he likes who he is and enjoys looking back on his journey.

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Robert’s longtime celebrity crush is Oprah Winfrey. “I’m attracted to her ability to alter a single person’s life with her presence alone,” he explains. “She is dynamic, independent, confident and outgoing.” Looks like Stedman’s got some competition.

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“I am in search of the perfect woman to complete me,” Robert admits. While he’s “not in a rush” to settle down he says, “I’m still looking and [am] always ready to mingle, as long as my mother approves,” with a laugh.

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“I do well with a woman that is comfortable with who she is on every level — physical, emotional, financial — all of it,” Robert explains. “I am really into a hard working, balanced woman that can rock the hell out of some heels and a business suit. I also love a woman in sweats. I just love a woman that can be herself at all times.”

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“I’m not going to get into the candle-lit dinners and gazing into one another’s eyes,” Robert says of the ideal date for him. “I want it to be fun and spontaneous. If we’re clicking, then things will work out how they are supposed to.”

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As a fitness enthusiast Robert devotes much of his life to mental and physical training. All we can say is his devotion is definitely paying off. We can tell by the way his muscles have us weak in the knees.