Eye Candy of the Week: P.Y.T. Special

Eye Candy of the Week: P.Y.T. Special
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 16, 2009

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It’s time for your Monday sugar rush! For this week’s eye candy, we’ve rounded up hot young stars who are on their way to heartthrob status.

This milk chocolate thespian oozes with sex appeal. We’ve seen his charming side in Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” and sexiness highlighted in various R&B music videos. Hopefully we will see more of this brother in the future. His fiancé, Eva Marcille, is one lucky lady.

By: Jenisha Watts

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“Grey’s Anatomy” got a little sexier when this fresh face joined the cast. His charm and style definitely have us staying tuned in.

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O, yeah. He can sing, write and play instruments, and works his body from the dance floor to the big screen. With a new record deal, Omarion, 24, is growing up nicely.

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This crooner had our attention with the vocals alone, so his sex appeal and swag have the ladies enthralled. Songz, 24, has been on some of the year’s biggest songs, from Drake’s “Successful” to his own “I Need a Girl,” the dude is flexing his skills and making us proud. The leading man is now on tour, so you can catch him in a town near you.

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He may be young, but this newcomer in rap definitely has a way with words. Drake’s laid-back swag and dash of cockiness always makes us smile, the real way to a woman’s heart.

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This rising actor definitely inherited his family’s funny bone, and those luscious lips don’t hurt. He stole our hearts when he first appeared with his dad on “My Wife and Kids.” The new generation of the Wayanses are ready to premiere “Marmaduke.”

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R&B star Mario’s string of hit songs made us big fans. And his unwavering support for his mother, who was struggling with a drug addiction, made us fall even deeper. He recently released his new album, “D.N.A.” and we must admit, he was blessed with some great genes.

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Yep, you read right, it’s Tahj Mowry all grown up. And, yes he is fine—and legal at 23! The former child actor left the industry for a brief stint to pursue other passions like music.

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This new R&B heartthrob may be young, but he knows a thing or two about seduction. He is the mastermind behind the hit song “Birthday Sex,” and we have to admit he hit it right on the mark.

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With the genes of Diana Ross, this rising actor is turning into one handsome guy. Even as a wannabe bad boy in “ATL” he had us smiling, and the best is definitely yet to come.

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Look into his piercing eyes and you can’t help but fall for this chocolate brother. The 25-year-old Brooklyn native doing big things, starring in the new film “Fame.”

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We’re not sure if it’s his Barbadian accent that gets us going or his eccentric style. But whatever it is, this cutie is surely on his way to stealing the ladies’ hearts, starting with edgy single, “Bang, Bang.”

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He’s an all around artist dabbling in modeling and music, running his own clothing line and cartoons. Jones’s energy is definitely electric and we see why girlfriend Jordin Sparks is smiling bright.

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We can tell there is plenty of passion in this young actor, from his big debut stepping in “Stomp the Yard” to holding his own alongside Jeffrey Wright in “Cadillac Records.” And who doesn’t love a man with spunk?

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He’s following in his father’s footsteps by playing in the NFL. As the rookie, 24, finds his footing on the field, he’s making hearts beat in the stands.

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Now that he’s graduated from the “High School Musical” franchise, this young actor is spreading his wings with more substantial roles. With his gorgeous eyes, we’re looking forward to seeing him get down on the big screen.

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Tristan, 20, is really making a name for himself, after having a role in HBO’s popular series “The Wire.” YouTube Jay-Z’s hot video “Roc Boyz” and a gorgeous Tristan will appear in the video grooving. This stud muffin has really morphed into a handsome young man. We are keeping an eye out for all his upcoming projects. He is slated to star in the upcoming “Red Tails” about the Tuskegee Airmen.