Eye Candy of the Week: Laz Alonso

Eye Candy of the Week: Laz Alonso
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 11, 2009

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Hollywood heartthrob Laz Alonso claims to be an everyday guy, but it’s not every day that we see a man with those perfectly full lips, that gorgeous cafe-con-leche complexion and those sultry dark eyes.

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The Howard University grad who grew up in a single-parent home in Washington D.C. says his mom taught him that he could do whatever he wanted. “She made me feel like I was invincible,” Laz tells us.

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Laz knew he was an actor all of his life, but he didn’t go after his passion until a few years after college. “I wanted to pursue my dream in a way that it didn’t affect the quality of life that I was able to help [my mother] have.”

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The former investment banker says, “It’s never too late to do what it is that you set your heart to, but don’t waste time. Life is never going to be perfect and the stars are never going to be perfectly aligned.” Good advice from a go-getter.

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Although he’s been in Hollywood for a little while, Laz says he’s just at “the starting line.” “All the work that I was doing was to get me to this point. This is like, now I’m in the NBA. Before I was playing college ball. I’ve got to put some points on the board now.”

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Laz considers himself a motivator. “A lot of friends come to me when they have problems or when they have self doubt and I do my best to inspire them and motivate them and push them to not give up and to fight,” he shares.

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Laz tells ESSENCE.com that he’s single at the moment. Who out there wants to change his Facebook relationship status?

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“I’m a serial relationship dude,” he reveals. “I love being in a relationship. That’s when I’m the happiest. That’s when I do most things.”

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“If I’m dating somebody, then I like to go out to social events to restaurants and clubs,” Laz continues. “To me she becomes my partner in crime — somebody that I enjoy hanging out with and sharing things with.”

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When he’s not boo’ed up, Laz says you can find him at one of two places — the gym or at home. “I don’t do too much,” he admits. “If I go out, I’m not going just for the sake of going, I’d rather go with somebody.”

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Laz describes what he is looking for quite simply: “Somebody I can have fun with.” He continues, “I like to kick back and enjoy the nice parts of life and in a relationship I feel like your significant other complements you by making your life more enjoyable.”

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“When you work in a business that’s stressful, you want to escape from that stressful life when you’re off,” the handsome actor says. “There’s no better escape than to have somebody that you can escape with.” We’ll go with you, baby.

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Part of Laz’s hectic life is starring in A&E’s new breakthrough drama “Breakout Kings” about a group of U.S. Marshals who join forces with ex-convicts to find prison escapees. Only three episodes in, the show has gained a faithful fan base.

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“We already have fans that love it and they tweet about it and they Facebook it,” Laz gushes. “You just cannot put into words how you feel when you have that kind of passion.”

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Laz is also starring alongside Angela Bassett and Paula Patton in the upcoming romantic comedy “Jumping the Broom.” We wonder what it would take for him to jump the broom off-screen.

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Whoever Laz does settle down with has got to be “open to great conversation,” he says. “She has to be somebody that I can talk to about the tsunami that just happened and about politics. She doesn’t have to be well-versed in everything, just open.”

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“I guess I’m a legs man,” Laz confesses. “But that doesn’t mean that you have to be Flo-Jo in order for me to consider your legs nice. For me it’s really about the whole package.”

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“Every woman is different,” he continues. “Every woman has her own unique little thing. For one woman it might be her legs and for another woman it may be her smile or her face structure.”

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Laz says the ladies compliment him often on his strong arms. “I make sure I hit my 50 push ups and keep them right,” he jokes.

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We also love his adorable smile, cute dimples, sensual stare and manly presence.

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In all seriousness, the Cuban-American hunk says keeping his physique takes work. “I love working out and for me it’s about staying ready for a part as opposed to having to get ready.”

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The former Wall Streeter understands that his looks are his business. “Hollywood is buying into something,” he explains, “and with me, part of it is my physique.” Hollywood should get a handsome return on their investment because he is too fine!