Eye Candy of the Week: Lawrence St. Victor

Eye Candy of the Week: Lawrence St. Victor
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 06, 2010

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You’re thinking, “Isn’t that Remy from ‘Guiding Light?’” You’re right. We were ecstatic when we learned that the sexy former soap opera star wanted to be an “Eye Candy.” He opened up with us about why he’s his biggest fan, what he loves about women and why he’s a big kid at heart.

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“Guiding Light” ended its long run on daytime TV in October 2009. St. Victor has nothing but good memories from working on the soap opera. “It was the most down to earth, enjoyable place,” he says. “I felt like I learned one side of acting at school, and I got the other spectrum at ‘Guiding Light.’”

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“I’ve been told that I have an old soul, but I feel like I’m still a kid,” Lawrence laughs. “It could be the video games and the comic books.”

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A big wrestling fan Lawrence says he loves The Rock (a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson).

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“My dad is my super hero,” St. Victor says. Before he even knew he wanted to be an actor Lawrence and his dad would make homemade videos together.

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Lawrence is cool with sharing a hug and a kiss on the cheek with fans, but he’s saving all of his loving for his wife, who he married at age 25. “She made me man up,” St. Victor says of why he chose to marry his wife. “I met her and all those things I used to do and ways I used to be in relationships did not work.”

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A hint at his childlike side, one of Lawrence’s favorite movies is “Super Man.” His favorite color is red — “Like that Superman cape red,” he clarifies. His favorite ice cream is french vanilla and his favorite song is “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. “That man single-handedly united this country with his music and people don’t even realize it,” St. Victor says of MJ.

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“I’m my own biggest fan,” St. Victor says of having self confidence. “I feel like if I don’t like me, why should anyone else like me. I can’t go through life only picking apart the problems.”

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“I get complimented on my smile a lot,” Lawrence says. That’s a gorgeous smile indeed and we can think of a few more things to compliment St. Victor on. Like those sexy broad shoulders.

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“If I was still looking, the main quality I’d want in a woman is she’d have to be a woman of God. That would mean that she’s linking herself to something that’s greater than her,” Lawrence explains.

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“I like women who are smart and sociable,” Lawrence says. “I like to have a good time, so having somebody who can be fun and crack jokes is important.”

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St. Victor has three projects set to release soon. He’s most excited about the first short film from his and his wife’s production company, Saint Victor. The short, titled “The Forgiven,” was accepted to the Urban World Film Festival.

“It’s about this young man and he’s faced with a decision. His employer gives him the assignment to kill somebody. It’s about whether he has the heart to do it. There’s a really great twist in there.”

Learn more about the film and other projects at www.saint-victor.net.