Eye Candy of the Week: Javis Dortch

Eye Candy of the Week: Javis Dortch
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 08, 2010

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This morning we’ve brought the total package to you. Former ‘Ultimate Merger’ contestant Javis Dortch has good looks, street smarts, ambition and a heart of pure gold. What more could you ask for in a man?

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Before becoming a contestant on “The Ultimate Merger,” Javis moved himself up from a former hustler to a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

His book “Positive Choices: How to Make the Right Choice the Right Time” is geared towards helping adolescents do the right things and realize their dreams.

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“Omarosa is beautiful, successful, smart, ambitious, and she’s moving with a purpose,” Javis says of the reality star whose love he tried to win.

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Javis says confidence is the most important quality a woman can have. “If you’re confident, you can accomplish anything,” he explains.

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“I’ve been dating and the number one thing I’ve noticed is women aren’t confident in what they really want, so they accept different things in different people,” Javis says. “I think we’re compromising too much on the things that are critical in the long term.”

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“Women compliment me on my heart,” Javis told us. “my ability to care and to feel pain.”

Javis took the time to thank all the mothers who have been so supportive of his mentoring initiatives.

“I’m from that single mom upbringing so I understand it. Women admire it. They say they have someone that they want to believe in and support. I say thank you across the country.”

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We can think of a few other things to compliment Javis on. Like his pecs, biceps, sexy abs and more! I need a glass of water.

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“I love legs,” Javis confesses. So whose got his favorite celebrity gams? “Beyonce has dynamite legs,” he says.

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“I like athletic women,” Javis says, although he admits to not having a physical preference when it comes to members of the opposite sex. “My type of woman is the one that’s most for me.”

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Javis is 35 and says he would like to be married by the time he hits 40. Could you be the lucky lady?