Eye Candy of the Week: Deric Mickens

Eye Candy of the Week: Deric Mickens
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 26, 2010

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Good morning ladies. Meet Deric Micken, a young actor/model who left the simple life of the Midwest for the greener pastures of New York City. After clicking through the young thespian’s photos, we think you’ll want an encore.

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We’re not sure what it is but they just don’t make ’em like they do in the Midwest. This sexy model hails from Cedar Rapid, Iowa.

“It really kept me grounded,” Deric says of growing up in Iowa. “I’ve always kept my head on straight.”

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Deric admits that while he wanted to pursue a career in entertainment, he never really thought it was possible. “Did I think it would be realistic?” he asks. “There’s no way. It’s really hard to start from the bottom up. I managed to pull it off, but I took a huge risk.”

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Deric will be the first to tell you he hates when people sum him up as just a pretty face, consumed by superficial thoughts.
“I don’t feel like I get the respect that I deserve,” he reveals. “People already assume they know who I am. It’s usually some superficial stuff. That’s not me at all.”

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“Acting is a form of freedom” Deric who is currently studying at the William Esper Studio for Acting says. “It gives me substance as a person.”

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Mickens built his gorgeous body from always being involved in sports. After four years of college football, he says he struggled to get down to sample modeling size. “I was too big for a lot of the commercial fashion modeling. I had to put the weights away.” Brawny or bulky, we like the looks of this disciplined dude.

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“I consider myself picky,” Deric says about how he chooses to date. “You can’t just settle, that’s why people date and then break up.”

Here’s the list of what he look for in his lady:
“They have to be dedicated and passionate and definitely driven and intelligent so I can have real conversation with them. I’m very adventurous I like to randomly go camping … and I’m definitely into traveling. I want to see the world some day and I’d like someone who wants to see the world with me. I do have a goofy side, so I want someone who’s not 100 percent serious all the time… And someone who’s family-oriented”

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Deric says he likes a girl who “looks feminine,” so a few curves don’t scare him. But what really captures him is a woman’s eyes and lips.

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While looks are important, Deric says a beautiful girl with no ambition is a major turn-off.

“I hate girls that don’t do anything with their lives,” he says. “A girl that looks alright that’s doing something looks hotter than the pretty girl that just sits around.”

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For now, Deric is pursuing his dreams of the stage and screen. He’s waiting until he’s 30 to settle down and be “hubby material.” Hurry up, P.Y.T. We can’t wait forever.