Eye Candy of the Week: Daniel Louisy

Eye Candy of the Week: Daniel Louisy
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 01, 2010

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Ladies. We went all the way to London to find you our Eye Candy this week. Fitness and fashion model Daniel Louisy is tall, perfectly chiseled and speaks with a sexy British accent. Oh, and he’s smart and super determined too.

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Raised by strict and loving mother in a housing project in North-West London, Louisy grew up in a hard knock life. He began focusing on fitness in his late teens and stays positive by always focusing on “what is going well” in his life, “rather than what is going wrong.”

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It’s hard to believe that this chiseled man used to be the chubby kid. “I can remember being 17 years old, 6’1” and 280 pounds," Louisy looks back.

Now, “I take my health very seriously,” Louisy says. “Fitness has become a part of my lifestyle.”

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“I’m a perfectionist and a control freak,” Daniel admits. “I strive for every little detail in everything that I do to be perfect, which drives the people close to me up the wall.” Daniel says he’s open to learning how “to relax a little and realize that I can’t control everything 100% of the time.”

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Daniel describes his personal style as “classic,” saying, “I don’t really get drawn into new fashion trends and the latest designers.”

Whatever he’s doing works for us.

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Daniel thinks that having a “type” can be dangerous.

“When guys have this idea of a woman that they conjure up from magazines and music videos it just keeps them searching for something that could make them miss a perfectly good woman standing right in front of them.”

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Daniel lists “unconditional love, loyalty and honesty” and the traits the woman who captures his heart must have.

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“It’s very important that a woman isn’t only around for the good times and that she will stand by you through the trials and tribulations of life,” Daniel says.

“I think in the US you’d call her a “Ride or die chick,” he jokes.

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“I like a woman who is sexy effortlessly,” Daniel admits. Hmmm, takes one to know one, baby.

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If you want to step to this self-assured man, you’ll have to be proud of who you are. Daniel’s biggest turn off is “a woman who pretends to be something she’s not.”

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Wow! Daniel’s back is almost as sexy as the front of him, if only we could see those heart melting eyes.

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Standing at 6’4" Daniel admits that the ladies love his stature. They’ve made a few comments about his arms, abs, V and chest we’re sure. And what about those lickable lips? We’ve got a lot to talk about.

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“[In the next ten years] I hope to be first Black James Bond,” Louisy says. “Other than that, I see myself being a good husband and father and successful in every area of business that I pursue.”

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When he’s not weight training, walking a runway or teaching others how to improve their lives, Daniel likes to travel and take it easy with loved ones.

While you wait for him to make his way to your town some day, check him out at www.daniellouisy.com.