Eye Candy of the Week: Calvin Richardson

Eye Candy of the Week: Calvin Richardson
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2010

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Sexy soul crooner Calvin Richardson needs no introduction. He’s been killing us softly with his songs for over a decade. His fifth solo album, “America’s Most Wanted” drops tomorrow. We thought it only proper to fantasize about him in preparation.

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Calvin grew up in North Carolina listening to musicians like Bobby Womack and even released an album in tribute to Womack in 2009. It’s no wonder his music reminds us of the soul singers of yesteryear.

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“Love is the overall message that I think the world needs,” Calvin says. “I love and I love to be loved and I got a lot of love to give.”

That’s convenient because we’ve got nothing but love for Calvin Richardson.

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We’re not sure how he does it but Richardson can make any outfit look sexy. We just love a man in a three piece suit.

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“I just love the makeup of a woman,” Calvin muses. “Women are so beautiful in so many different ways. It could be their quietness. For some, it’s their strength or it might just be the way she walks. If you narrow it down to one thing, you limit yourself.”

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“I like a woman who’s outgoing and who knows what she wants out of life,” Calvin, who has had a lot of relationship experience, says. “Her happiness should not depend on me and whether or not I’m happy. She should have a plan for how she’s going to achieve her goals.”

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“My mother raised nine kids by herself. She was the leader. She was the homemaker,” Calvin remembers. “I got sensitive to the needs of a woman because she was alone for a while. she didn’t verbalize her pain, her needs and her wants a lot, but I could see them.”

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“I don’t think a man should take the back seat. Let me take you where you need to go. Together we can get there,” he says. We’re ready to go, baby.

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“I’ve been in and out of a lot of relationships,” Calvin tells us. “Sooner or later I’ll meet somebody who can deal with the fact that Calvin Richardson is Calvin Richardson.”

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“I know it’s tough,” Calvin says of women he’s dated in the past dealing with his female fan base. “It’s just human nature to be selfish with what we feel like is ours. It makes it hard on a relationship.”

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“I’m not going to say that I’m looking,” Calvin teases us, “but I’m definitely completely single. I’m open. Let’s put it like that.”

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Calvin says his new album, “America’s Most Wanted,” is “all about love and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness and love can thrive despite the economy. The economy has a bearing on everything. It’s like a virus, but I’m going to spread a little love in the world.”

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“What’s the use of coming home to be alone?” Richardson asks. We’re sure we can find someone to keep you warm at night, Calvin.