Eye Candy of the Week: Boris Kodjoe

Eye Candy of the Week: Boris Kodjoe
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 19, 2010

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Actor Boris Kodjoe, who grew up in Germany, is an international hunk. He gets to show off his worldliness along with other desirable attributes in NBC’s spy drama “Undercovers” starting on Wednesday September 22. We thought we’d do a little spying of our own on Kodjoe before the show airs.

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In “Undercovers” Kodjoe and his costar Gugu Mbatha-Raw, play ex spies who get pulled back into the CIA. Boris puts his linguistic skills to work, speaking a multitude of different languages as his character travels around the world. We just love a man who can talk to us in different tongues.

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We can’t wait to jet set around the world with Kodjoe and Mbatha-Raw come Wednesday. We just wish we were on set to watch our special agent in action.

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Kodjoe says for a good relationship to be great “you need a lot of laughter, you need to like each other … and you need to communicate.”

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For any relationship to work you also need trust, says Kodjoe. He suggests that trust is not earned, instead it’s a choice. “I think a lot of people make their partner responsible for the trust or distrust that they have, which I think is wrong,” he explains. “When you come into a new relationship, you have to make the choice to trust that person. … It’s absolutely vital to be able to be free in that relationship and really love each other.”

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Before trust or anything else however, Kodjoe says you need “understanding of who you are first because if you don’t know who you are, you’re going to be uncertain.”

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Kodjoe says “it’s flattering” to be considered a sex symbol, but “it’s not something I take seriously. It’s not something I can take credit for.”

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Like most men, Kodjoe is attracted to a number of physical traits in women. “I love eyes, I love teeth, I love legs, I love everything, breasts, butt, but it’s really the package,” he says.

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“I think humor is underrated,” Kodjoe says of the qualities he appreciates in a woman. “If you can’t laugh together, then there’s nothing you can do right.”

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“What I really find sexy in a woman is when she’s really comfortable with who she is,” Kodjoe says. “It’s really sexy when a woman loves herself and treats herself well because it’s a reflection of how she’s going to treat you.”

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We can’t help but swoon every time Boris Kodjoe shows off his pearly whites. If that’s not a perfect smile we don’t know what is.