Eye Candy: Unforgettable Faces

Photographer James C. Lewis gets up close and personal with some of today’s hottest young male models. Ladies, are you ready for your close up?

Charli Penn Aug, 26, 2013

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“Actor, model, and former military man ‘G.I. Joe’ is yet another model who makes it look so easy. Joe is one of those individuals who knows how to give you just what you want when in front of the lens. In this shot, he was giving you ruff, raw, masculinity with just a simple stare. This 6-foot Florida native currently resides in Atlanta,GA.” (And, he’s an ESSENCE Eye Candy alum, ladies.)

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”Greg showed up at my studio for our last photo shoot with a full wolverine beard, uncombed mini afro and a bad cold and he still pulled off a remarkable image. Now that's what you call true model material. He’s a model who currently resides in Atlanta.”

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“I am proud to be the first professional photographer to discover Robert Dowdy. This former North Carolina native was a college football athlete turned model. When I first met Robert back in 2009 he was a pretty big guy weighing 240 pounds, however his look was remarkable. I told him to slim down some. He came back to my studio a little over a year later. He had dropped down to 190 pounds! In this image you can clearly see why this face made the top 20...really needs no explanation. Robert is an awesome example of hard work and determination. He's currently a signed, working model in Los Angeles, CA.”

4 of 23 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

“If there is such a thing as masculine beauty Donald would fit into that category perfectly. His hazel eyes are usually the first things to capture the viewer’s attention. This Miami native currently resides in Atlanta.”

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“Billy is a bi-racial model currently working out of Atlanta. This image was shot for a series I was working on called ‘Golden.’ Billy's commanding blue eyes draw the viewer deeper into the frame of his sculpted face.”

6 of 23 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

“At first glance, one would think ‘young Tyson Beckford look alike’ when they see Keith. Ironically, they share the same birthday (Dec. 19th). This 6'2” former college athlete is super silly behind the scene but he knows how to deliver a great image every time. Keith hails from Bridgeport, CT, and he currently resides in Kingston, Jamaica.”

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“For all the ladies who love chocolate men, Elmorris will make your day for sure. This 6'1” model has one of those laid back, easy, breezy personalities that makes this image all the more natural in presentation. The purple shirt was used as a head wrap to give the image a nice burst of color to contrast with his rich ebony complexion and grayish brown eyes. Elmorris currently resides in the great city of Atlanta.”

8 of 23 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

“This 6'2” West African Native is a working model living in New York City. This image was captured for his most recent portfolio. Azy has a great sense of style and each piece that he brought added a different element to this image. The fingerless gloves, the beaded bracelet and the red knitted cap were just the right pop of color needed to bring the image to life. The intensity of the eyes merged with those high cheekbones makes this the face of a great model.”

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“I just have to say that I wanna be like this guy when I grow up. Eric Graham is a 46-year-old mixed martial artist and personal trainer. His physique is insane and Eric is a vivid example of the phrase, "Black don't crack". In this image, he is simply showing off the timeless beauty of Black men everywhere. This Georgia native currently resides in Sweden.”

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“Nick is truly one of my greatest success stories. I am proud to say I was the very first professional photographer to work with him. This image was captured in our very first photo session in 2010. I wanted to simply shoot him wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. He gladly agreed, but became a little hesitant when I asked him to shave off his goatee. After seeing the final images, he said to me, ‘Man I am so glad you told me to shave off my facial hair.’ The 6'2’ South Carolina native currently works as a signed model in Los Angeles.”

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“Chris is one of those individuals that has a captivating attractiveness without even being aware of it. This image was a basic shot of Chris in a white t-shirt and he made sexy look so effortless. He is one of very few models that can just sit in front of the camera and make magic happen with ease. This 6-foot former Atlanta model currently resides in Los Angeles.”

12 of 23 Noire3000 | N3K Studios

“Devin is a 6'2” former NFL athlete (Green Bay Packers) turned model and personal trainer. He hails from New Orleans and today he splits his time between Atlanta and New Orleans. Devin has a boyish quality about him. He likes being silly but he can turn around and be seriously intense. This image says it all.”

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“Scott is one of the most soft-spoken, humble guys I have ever met. I discovered him in a store as I was doing some last minute shopping one evening. He was stocking the shelves when I stopped and asked him if he had ever modeled before and he said he was more than interested in trying it out. This image in my opinion truly captures the essence of Scott; he’s humble, handsome and ambitious. This 6-foot model and musician currently resides in Atlanta.”

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“This Houston, Texas native means serious business when he gets in front of the camera. He always makes me smile every time I hear his southern accent. This 6-foot model currently reside in Los Angeles.”

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“This 6'3” former NFL player (Atlanta Falcons) turned model and actor is one of the most driven individuals I've ever crossed paths with. Shannon does not take no for an answer. He just finds another route to make it happen. This guy is a mover, a shaker and a record breaker. Shannon and I always made magic during our photo sessions and this image is just one of many that we have captured over the years. Keep your eyes on this rising star who recently relocated from his home state of Florida to Los Angeles where he is a signed working actor and model.”

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“I've only worked with this young man once, but he was very professional. His ease in taking direction and delivery was refreshing. Trey is the youngest model of all of the men featured here, but his look has marked it's place in the Noire3000 | N3K Photo vaults. This young fitness guru currently resides in Atlanta.”

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“Ormond’s rich skin tone contrasted remarkably with the red material in this image. His piercing gaze was accentuated by his phenomenal bone structure. He is one that always arrives ready to not only work but deliver the idea that is expressed to him. This 6'1” model now resides in Atlanta.”

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“Jamie, AKA ‘Mr. Get Addicted,’ is a 6' tall, model, actor and musician who hails from Haralson County, Georgia.  Jamie has been the cover model on several romance novels and stomped numerous fashion runways. It’s always interesting to shoot him while one of his self-penned tracks blares in the background.”

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“This 6'1” North Carolina native had one of the best personalities of any model I've ever worked with. He can find the good in any situation and it shows through in his images. He made me almost wish I could grow a beard the way he proudly flaunted his. This image captures the regal essence of a strong Black Man.”

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“When I first shot Kellen, I said you look just like Eddie Winslow from Family Matters. We both laughed and he told me he gets that a lot. Kellen is old beyond his years in personality, yet he gives off the simple innocence of youth in this image. This 6'2  Jamaican native currently resides in Atlanta.”

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“This 6'2" athlete and model hails from Detroit, MI. Brent and I crossed paths in 2010 and the result was this image. Prior to leaving Detroit, he walked many runways and distributed a signature calendar. He currently resides in Atlanta.”

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“This 6'1" model and personal trainer hails from Charleston, SC. He is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University and currently resides in Greensboro, NC.”

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Photographer James C. Lewis is a native of Statesboro, Georgia. After working in the corporate world for 10 years, James launched Noire3000 | N3K Photo Studios in Atlanta. Lewis is also the man behind the Noire3000 Fashion Shows that were initiated back in 2009. To view more of James’s work please visit his website.