Eye Candy: Steelers vs Packers

Eye Candy: Steelers vs Packers
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 28, 2011

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We’ve got a few reasons — aside from the final score — to keep watching the Super Bowl past the half-time show. For starters, Jarrett Bush’s perfect face and ripped biceps. We just want to run into his arms.

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Who doesn’t love a dark chocolate man with a bald head and a chiseled jaw? We don’t see any hands. Case closed — Donald Lee is fiiine!

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Ain’t he handsome, ladies? From his soft brown eyes to smooth, full lips — and that chest! We want to gobble Packers running back Brandon Jackson up.

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We sure wish Packers tight end Andrew Quarless would turn around and show us what he’s packing back there. We are just saying…

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We’ve been trying to get Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings to notice us for a while. He’s just so focused on the game.

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Although he’s a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin, the San Jose, California native James Jones has that relaxed West Coast swagger that we find simply irresistible.

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There’s just nothing like a sexy bald head to brighten up your day. Add that to Packers wide receiver Donald Driver’s 6 foot, 194-pound frame and long, lean muscles and we’re smiling all day long.

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Deshea Townsend may look like a teenager, but at 35 years old, he’s a grown man. Those boyish looks give us a high school crush though. Wanna make out behind the bleachers, Deshea?

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Ok, it’s true. It’s the hair. We can’t help it. Samoan-American strong safety Try Polamalu’s got a lot of it. Plus those thick lips and deep dark eyes give us the tingles.

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Does Steelers running back Willie Parker always practice with his shirt off? If so we want to stop by the stadium for a scrimmage. Smile.

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This is safety Ryan Mundy’s third season in the NFL and second visit to the Super Bowl — the Steelers won the championship in 2009. Now that he’s got a little experience, we’d like to play the field with him.

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Tall, dark and handsome, sweaty running back Rashard Mendenhall speeds up our heartbeat ten fold. At 23, he may be young, but he’s giving us some grown man energy.

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Can you say sexy triceps? Steelers linebacker James Harrison’s big arms make us swoon. At six feet and 242 pounds, Harrison is a big man we’d love to climb all over.

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We just love watching Keyaron Fox strut his stuff on the field. There’s nothing like a confident man with a bright smile.

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Equally as sexy as a smooth bald head are the free-flying dreads. We can’t wait to watch Carey Davis hustle on the field with his gorgeous locks flowing behind him.

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Sigh…We could stare at Steelers safety Ryan Clark’s big brown eyes all day.

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