Eye Candy: Showstopper Curtis Hamilton

NFLer turned model Curtis Hamilton was discovered while walking down the street, and when you see these steamy photos, it's not hard to tell why. Say hello to our new crush.

Charli Penn May, 06, 2013

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Twenty six year old model Curtis Hamilton is a small town guy living out his dreams in the big city. Although he calls Los Angeles home these days, he grew up in Paducah, Kentucky. "The town is very family and sports-oriented," he says. "Being there really taught me family values and core values that are instilled in me to this today. Yes, most of my values come from my great parents, but the city of Paducah shaped them, too. I also made the best friends in the world in Paducah: my brother Bryan and best friend, Shane."

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"I talk to my mom every week at least once or more," admits family man Hamilton. "My dad hates talking on the phone, but like I said, I'm all about the family. I love those guys so much and they are a big part of my motivation and drive to keep going."

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“Since I have a lot of time on my hands, I go to the gym regularly, five times a week,” workout junkie Hamilton reveals. “I’m not big on the sun scorching me so I like being indoors when I work out.”

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“I don’t lift weights much at all anymore,” says Hamilton when we asked for a few workout secrets. “I do cardio based workouts.  I love Insanity. I try to keep moving at all times, so I’ll hit my abs in between a set of box jumps, push-ups or anything of the sort.  You’ve got to stay lean in my career.  For me, the key is to have a dope playlist, let go and have fun. Working out is fun!”

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“Anything involved with helping kids, I’m in,” says Hamilton who does a lot of philanthropic work.

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“I played NFL ball although I’m so small people don’t think of me as a football player much,” says Hamilton. “I’ve always had more of a baseball player’s body.“

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Want to know the way to Hamilton’s heart? Start with a healthy snack. “I love, love, love popcorn. I eat the Trader Joe’s Olive Oil brand every night and dip it with hummus or a bean sauce I get from the farmer’s market." 

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Despite his Southern upbringing, one thing fans may not know about Hamilton is that he was actually born in Pordenone, Italy.

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“I’m currently single and focusing on my career,” says Hamilton. “It wouldn’t be fair to be in a relationship right now.  I know how I would want to treat someone when I’m in a relationship, and right now I need a little more selfish time.”

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“I don’t think you should look for love,” says Hamilton. “It will find you – just be ready to embrace it when you do. And, when it does, be ready!”

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“The bravest thing I’ve ever done is follow my dreams,” admits Hamilton. “It’s been one hell of a journey thus far!

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Smooth brother Hamilton appreciates good R&B music. He currently has songstress Emile Sande’s Our Version Of Events album in full rotation.

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Don’t expect Hamilton to whip up any romantic meals in the kitchen. That’s not his thing. “I have a burn on my hand from the last time I tried to cook,” he admits. “I eat out every day, but I make the best breakfast.  I love breakfast in bed.  It’s so romantic and just a great thing to do for someone you love.”

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Washboard abs? Nope. This is more like what we like to call washboard wow!

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Hamilton tells us he’s definitely a keeper and confident enough to know why. “I understand what it means to support a woman’s career and understand all that that entails,” he explains. “Plus. I’m family-oriented and l love kids. I have Christian values and would love someone with the same.“

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