Eye Candy Showdown: Which Celeb Has the Sexiest Smile?

All month long we're paying tribute to our favorite brothers. This week, we rounded up the dreamiest smirks around. Help us decide which celebrity hunk has the hottest smile.

Charli Penn Sep, 28, 2012

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Oh, Boris. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways: 1. That smile. 2. That smile. 3. THAT smile!

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Daytime and primetime screen king Shemar Moore may captivate crowds with his shirtless masterpiece abs but all he has to do is smile and we feel warm and fuzzy all over. Do you love the Criminal Minds star’s gorgeous grin?

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Diamond stud Matt Kemp is one of the star players for the Los Angeles Dodgers by day, but at night he (and that dazzling smile of his!) stars in our dreams.

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Model Tyson Beckford’s winning smile paired with that steamy, signature stare have always been an instant hit with the ladies and the foundation of his rock solid, decades-long career. Can you believe this gorgeous man is 40!? We’d ID him at the door, for sure.

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When he’s not helping contestants on The Biggest Loser push past the pain, celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince is whipping your favorite celebs into shape at his Atlanta gym and stealing hearts all over the country. Hello, gorgeous!

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New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz makes every game a great one in our book.

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Hot chocolate, anyone? As fall ushers in cooler weather, we’ll have steaming hot summer memories like this Lance Gross spotting at this year’s ESSENCE Music Festival to keep us warm.

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Tyrese’s beautiful smile launched his mega career after Coca-Cola fans couldn’t get enough of it, and his voice, in his debut commercial. You know the one!

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This list wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from heavyweight hunk LL Cool J, who stars on NCIS: Los Angeles. The ladies love that smile, those arms, those lips and that swag. Is there a more perfect man?

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All the Single Ladies love actor D.B. Woodside. In his breakout role as suave, no-nonsense businessman Malcolm on the show, we don’t get to see that gorgeous grin of his much, but as you can see, it’s worth waiting for.

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The Sparkle star leaves us weak in the knees when he flashes those pearly whites. His smile has always been one of our favorite features. Is it yours?

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There goes our baby — and that perfect smile! It make us wanna sing.

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With his sparkling grin and stacked, fit body, Olympic gold and silver swimming medalist Cullen Jones still has our temperatures rising, and now we need a cold dip in the pool.

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Private Practice leading man Taye Diggs keeps things hot on the set with his bald and beautiful presence and that lovely smile.

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We see stars when Grey’s Anatomy’s resident hunk Jesse Williams flashes that smile our way. Is it time for our check up yet?

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Actress Chandra Wilson has the best job ever. She plays Bailey, the love interest of hunky doc Ben Warren on Grey's Anatomy, who's played by real life heartthrob Jason George.

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He may have gone from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to summer blockbuster king, but Will Smith has never forgotten what first made his fans swoon back in the 90’s — that smile. So, ladies, who gets your vote? Leave a comment below and tell us which celeb has the sexiest small of all!