Eye Candy Showdown: Which Celeb Has the Hottest Body?

Our month-long tribute to our favorite brothers continues with a sexy, new challenge: Ladies, which of these stacked hunks' fit physiques reigns supreme?

Charli Penn Oct, 08, 2012

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He may be the trainer on The Biggest Loser, but our money’s on Atlanta bachelor Dolvett Quince to win this week’s top honors!

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If there were a street sign in this picture, it would read: Caution, gorgeous man playing nearby! Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Craig David likes to bare all when he’s working out, and lucky for us, there was a photographer nearby to capture the magic.

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Shemar Moore has it going on and he knows it. Need we say more? Phew! Towel, please!

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After going solo and launching his own line of fitness calendars, former 112 band member Q. Parker has become just as well known for his abs of steel as he is for that smooth, sensual sound he always brings to the mic.

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Dear U.S. Wrestling Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs: Thank you. Go Team USA! (We’re so proud!) Love, The Women of the World.

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The blockbuster hunk formerly known as “The Rock” still keeps things solid under that shirt. My oh my!

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Tennessee Titans defensive end Kamerion Wimbley has the kind of build that will make other men want to put their shirts back on. What we love must about this hunk is that he’s a dedicated philanthropist whose heart is as big as his biceps.

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When Buffalo Bills safety George Wilson made a guest appearance as Eye Candy a few weeks ago, he was all you could talk about all day long. (And you fell for him before you even met his abs!) So, George, welcome back. Are you voting for him?

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We last saw British actor Ricky Whittle (and all his goodness!) onscreen playing Denise Vasi’s love interest Charles on Single Ladies. The finale ended with quite a cliffhanger, as far as their love story goes, but we’re seriously hoping he sticks around next season.

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Metta World Peace is perfectly toned from head to toe. Seriously, there is zero fat on this man. What a delight.

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There’s always time for hot chocolate when actor Idris Elba is in the building. Does his sturdy and sculpted physique take you there?

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Dance does a body good! Choreographer-dancer-actor Darrin Dewitt Henson is truly a triple threat and he’s nowhere done making moves. Most recently he became an author, producer and motivational speaker.

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No one wears a tank top like rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent. Fiddy’s solid upper body always steals the show.

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Thirsty? LL Cool J carries around a 12-pack of deliciousness with him wherever he goes.

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This summer, former NFL star Devin Thomas announced that he was quitting the league. Does this mean we’ll get to see him do more modeling? Raise your hand if you hope so.

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Tall and tempting center Dwight Howard will join the Los Angeles Lakers this fall.

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Tyson Beckford knows how to strut his stuff like no other male model we know. Ladies, is he still your ultimate crush?

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If you’ve ever been to a Trey Songz concert, you know that when the sultry singer takes off his shirt, the “Trey’s Angels” in the crowd lose their minds. Is a slender, toned and tattooed kind of guy like Trey more your style?

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Three-time NBA slam dunk champion Nate Robinson stays fit off-season and is ready and willing to share sexy photos, like this one, with his loyal Twitter, Instagram and Facebook fans.

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Denver Nuggets star player Andre Iguodala aims to please on the court. Ooo-wee, those arms are a sight to see!

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Los Angeles Clippers Power forward Blake Griffith showed off his flat abs and chiseled arms on the beach. Do you like what you see?

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Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Aaron Ross is perfectly fit from head to toe and he doesn’t need to take his shirt off for you to see it. Hello, Aaron!