Eye Candy Showdown: Bald and Beautiful Brothers

Hairless heads are hotter than ever, and no one does it better than these well-shaven studs. It's time for our final battle of the month, and this time, we want to know which of these bald babes reigns supreme in your eyes. Tell us your favorite below!

Charli Penn Oct, 22, 2012

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Chicago, stand up! Common has kept a close cut throughout most of his career, but these days we just love the way he pairs a shaved head with a full beard. It's the perfect combination!

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Tyrese's Cali-swag, awesome acting skills, contagious smile and sultry pipes never get old. But the bald head has been his sexy, signature style since day one. And, we love it!

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From that steamy stare to that dazzling smile, there's just so much to love about model-turned-actor Boris Kodjoe. It's no wonder he's earned a spot on two out of four Eye Candy showdowns this month. Although he's a winner to us in all categories, we have a hunch he'll earn top honors this week. Does he have your vote?

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This list would be incomplete without a shout out to Oscar-nominated Beninese-American actor and model Djimon Hounsou, who's just, quite frankly, too hot to handle.

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Does Dwayne Johnson's presence make your heart skip a beat? Are you constantly refreshing his Instagram feed? If you said yes to both, don't worry, you're not alone. We're pretty sure all women would agree, and that's why Mr. Johnson graced our "Your Sexiest Brothers" cover back in August 2013. Swoon!

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The Buffalo Bill safety's sexiness is effortless. He sure does wear a bald cut well! Hey, George, you can lay your head on our shoulders any time!

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Ricky, Ricky, Ricky. Wow, you can't take a bad picture can you? Click that like button if you can't wait to see him return to the new season of Single Ladies.

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NCIS: Los Angeles' leading man (and hip hop heavyweight) LL Cool J makes us swoon weekly. We don't get to see that gorgeous bald head of his very often, since he's such a hat fan, but when he does show off, he shows off. Hey lover, this is more than a crush!

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Mr. Epps is one of the founding fathers of the bald and beautiful movement. His barely there hair gets us every time.

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The Biggest Loser trainer brings that bald head, those big muscles and that winning smile to the screen every week and leaves female fans hoping for more. Admit it ladies, Quince is your reality TV crush, and you're patiently waiting for him to make you sweat some more.

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Taye Diggs

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Someone please put NFL free agent Terrel Owens back in the game! Boy, oh boy, we miss watching him show off on the field.

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We all know that Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews is stacked to perfection (have you seen those Old Spice commercials?!), but it's his smooth cut that has always been his most striking feature. Wouldn't you agree?

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American sprinter Trell Kimmons took home a silver medal this summer in the London Olympic games, but even before his relay team reached the finish line, he'd already won many hearts. Hello, sexy!

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The NBA is filled with bald, fine athletes doing their thing on the court, but none more notorious than Mr. Kobe Bryant.

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Fast and Furious franchise star Vin Diesel always brings the heat to the big screen. He hasn't been around in awhile, but his fans are looking forward to buying two tickets to see the show-stopper's onscreen charm.