Eye Candy: Shaun T.

Eye Candy: Shaun T.
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 10, 2010

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Fitness Guru Shaun T. is one tall glass of water, with gorgeous soft brown eyes, luscious pink lips and a body that looks like it was sculpted by the gods. When we chatted with him on the phone, we found out that what’s in this fine brother’s mind is just as refreshing.

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Shaun describes himself as “fun, fair, happy and loving.” We’ve got a few more adjectives for him — fine, sexy, chiseled and delicious, for starters.

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Shaun lives by the phrase follow your heart. “I think that if you make decisions in life that are going to make you happy, you will have a happy life and that energy that’s making you happy is going to trickle down to everybody else,” Shaun believes.

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Born and Raised in Southern New Jersey, Shaun attributes his positive attitude to his mother who raised him on her own. Yep, ladies, he’s a momma’s boy. “I talk to my mom every morning,” he reveals. “We have fun and she comes to see me often.”

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Shaun never expected to be a famed dancer or fitness guru. He says it fell into his lap after he started dancing and teaching aerobics at 21 and it just felt right. We know what else would feel right — our hands running along those firm pecs and strong abs.

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Shaun says he’s very single right now because he just hasn’t met the one. “It just has to be the right person, period. The right person has to step up to the plate and I have to step up to the plate,” he says.

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It’s clear that this self-described “happy free spirit” wants to meet someone just like him. “Whoever I’m with has to be a happy person,” Shaun says. “And I’m from the East Coast so you have to have a little bit of flavor.”

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“I’m a great communicator, I’m very loving and I’m very vocal about loving somebody,” Shaun reveals. “We can be in the middle of a conversation and I’ll be like, ‘You know what? I love you.’”

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“I love to take care of people,” Shaun continues. “I love to make people happy, even sexually and passionately. I want to make sure you feel good.”

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Since dancing is his first love, Shaun takes at least three dance classes per week, on top of working out in the gym every day. “Dancing is kind of like my cure for all the stuff I have to deal with,” he explains. “It’s been in my body since I was a kid, even though I didn’t start dancing until I was 21.”

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“Being fit is not about being skinny,” Shaun says. “Being fit is about feeling good. When you find a way to make your body feel good, that’s when your body is going to change,” Shaun likes max-interval training, so he’s built his workouts to fit that style.

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When he’s not making people sweat, you can catch Shaun at the movies or just having fun in NYC. His next work out program, “Asylum,” is set to drop in early 2011. “It’s even crazier than ‘Insanity,’” he says. Better get those New Year’s resolutions ready.